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The SBC Executive Committee works closely with PrayerLink, a network of state convention and SBC entity prayer leaders partnering together to call and equip Southern Baptists to a renewed life of prayer to impact a lost world.

The resources and links on this page are created by prayer teams of PrayerLink members and are directly related to the ministries of a state Baptist convention or an SBC entity. These are made available to the wider Southern Baptist family with the hope and prayer that they will help spur a movement of God as we prayer together for the lost, for our nation, and for the world.

Many have been praying and longing for another Great Awakening to sweep our land. We commend these resources to you as one small piece of a much larger movement of God for which we all pray.

Curated by Southern Baptist State Convention Prayer Leaders and NAMB, IMB, LifeWay, & Canada leaders.

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  • lwcI_pas-japan-response-429.jpg
    Responding to the Devastation in Japan

    Pastor, as I have watched and heard the reports from the devastation of the earthquake near the east coast of Honshu, Japan as well as the subsequent Tsunamis, my heart is saddened and burdened for the people.

    As you minister to your congregation this weekend, many will be looking to you for comfort, spiritual leadership, and guidance. As you prepare spiritually to do this, let me remind you of some online resources that may be helpful.

    The following sermon manuscripts are available in Proclaim Online:

    God in the Face of Disaster, Psalm 66 (Jerry Gifford)

    Ministry in Natural Disaster, Acts 27, Acts 28 (Phil A. Newton)

    The ANCHOR in the Storm, Acts 27 (Steve Andrews)

    Information about the Southern Baptist Relief effort which is being coordinated by Baptist Global Response (BGR) is available in this article (updated this morning):

    Japan Earthquake, Tsunami Assessment Underway

    Suggestions for how to incorporate prayer for Japan into Sunday School lessons this week are available in EXTRA:

    Explore the Bible lesson

    Bible Studies for Life lesson

    I am joining you in prayer for the people of Japan and praying for you as you minister to your congregation ... 

    Craig Webb, Editor
    View back issues of Pastors Today or view sermons and preaching articles in Proclaim Online.

    Pray for Japan Video

    Prayercast.com has a wonderful 5-minute video you may download and show in your worship service. It is not specifically about the Earthquake and Tsunami but is focused on praying for the people of Japan. We used Prayercast's Shine video in our worship service a couple of weeks ago. These videos are visually stunning.

    Watch the video focused on Japan here

    Downloads of the video are available here (scroll down to Japan)

    This news site mlive.com has posted powerful photos from the devastation that you might project as you pray for Japan this Sunday.

  • Helpful site to focus prayer outward onto the Great Commission >>>

    “To help Southern Baptists begin praying for the peoples of North America, a new project is underway called “People Portraits.” NAMB launched this at the SBC in Orlando. There are presently 60+ People Portraits online and we plan to have more than 120 online by the fall, certainly by year’s end. If possible, please add a link to your site and let others know about it. www.churchplantingvillage.net/portraits.”
  • Thanks Roger for setting this up!
  • Joy,

    You far left coasters are early adopters!

  • Looks great Roger - you've got the touch!

    I hope many of us PrayerLINKers will begin to connect more often,


    P.S. Check out Chris Schofiled's and Elaine Helms' blog!
  • Welcome! Glad you are here.
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House of Prayer - a Daniel Henderson posting

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Anyone have a one year prayer guide leading up to a big event?

Hello PrayerLinkers, I've received a request for a prayer guide for a prayer chain of prayerful preparation for black church week next year. What would you recommend? We have heart prep guides on NAMB's prayer Web site, and collected some of those for the SBC day of Prayer.   We had a brief discussion of creating something like this for GPS when some were together early this week at SSLM. What should be prayed about one year out, nine months out, etc as the event is planned and preparations are…

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