Resources to help church prayer champions mobilize the people in their congregation into outward-focused praying.

Prayer for the people and places in their community.

Prayer for an awakening to faith in God across the city.

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The Explore God Chicago ~  

“Everyday • Everywhere • Everyone” Prayer

I will pray as the Lord leads me; everyday, everywhere, for everyone.

“In Jesus’ name … for this day … I ask you Holy Spirit for confidence and opportunities … to pray for someone who is far from God … to care for someone at their point of need with love … and share my Jesus story with an invitation to explore God.

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  • Update from an Explore God Chicago church leader . . .

    "We had our internal launch last week. Over 200 people came and are ready to participate. We’re looking to start discussion groups throughout Wheaton at businesses and coffee shops. All of our student ministries and children’s ministry will participate as well. Really exciting. We’re also having an all church prayer meeting in January that will focus on praying for this series."


    Look. Forward. Share.


    The 9 Explore God Chicago Instructive "How-To" Webinars are here ===>>>

    • How to Use the Explore God for Kids Curriculum by Awana

    • The Issachar Challenge: Disciple Making

    • Secrets to Mobilizing an “All Pray” Strategy for Your Church

    • Making an Invitation that People Want to Accept

    • Why Kindness? Principles and Pay Off

    • Discussing the 7 Big Questions with Mark Mittelberg and Lee Strobel

    • Discussion Groups

    • Church Coordinators

    • Maximizing Explore God in Your Church

  • Got a minute?

    • Give God thanks for the collaboration among pastors and leaders across city neighborhoods and suburban communities toward extending the love of Christ through Gospel conversations 
    • Ask the Holy Spirit to issue a call to hundreds more congregations to join-up in this January-February 2019 outreach
    • Pray for someone you know who is far from God, without hope, in need of transforming love; a neighbor, a coworker, a friend or family member
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7 SMALL GROUP Prayers for The 7 Weeks of Explore God Chicago

7 SMALL GROUP Prayers for The 7 Weeks of Explore God Chicago >Objective: To pay on behalf of those who are exploring God, so that they know you realize they do not yet have faith in all the you believe God, we all wonder… about the purpose for life … as we talk, help us understand truths about your purpose for our lives… God, we have all wondered… if a God exists; a real, living, personal God … as we talk, help us understand truths about who you are… God, we all wonder… why pain and suffering…

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7 Pastoral-Prayer-Starters for the 7 Weeks of Explore God Chicago

7 Pastoral-Prayer-Starters for the 7 Weeks of Explore God Chicago >Objective: Expressing the thoughts and fears of those who have come to explore God (honoring invited guests by recognizing not all who are present have faith or believe). Shape these prayer suggestions into your own words; express further thoughts as led by the Holy Spirit . . . -”If you agree with any part of my prayer, silently let God know, “Yes, I agree…” -Start each prayer with “Oh God” or “God in heaven” or “God…

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7 Big Prayers for The 7 Big Questions About God

7 Big Prayers for The 7 Big Questions About God >Objective: Daily prayers for individuals and/or segments of a corporate gathering; a wide range of themes and topics to expand and extend outreach focused praying Worship - ask the Spirit to reveal great truths to your pastor/teacher as they prepare that will inspire faith in all who hear the message Fellowship - pray for your church/group to practice hospitality, welcome strangers, show love and compassion to all who attend Discipleship - ask…

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How They Do 'Prayer' @ Crossroads Church

PRAYER @ Crossroads Church Come and pray with us this Sunday in room 5 (kitchen)! Stop in for 5 min or join for the whole time. We will begin with evangelism-focused prayer at 10:00 AM (see requests below) and move on to general prayer for our church at 10:30 AM. We will wrap up by 10:50 AM. Can't join us on Sunday? Would you set aside time individually or in your small group to pray for the following requests? Prayer Points for This Week: 1. Thank the Lord for all of the recent activity…

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