Why Pray?


If you work in prayer or prayer ministry, as I do, you get asked that question a lot, in one form or another. People ask me weekly, “Will prayer really do any good?” In my book Threshold: Transformational Prayer, Transformational Prayer Leadership, I outline nine reasons to pray.


One of those reasons is given in this quote: “We are dead, lifeless, dry bones. But when we connect with Him, the sustainer and creator of life, the God of all, we receive life from Him, and we begin to truly live. So we pray—we should pray—in part because it is the way we bond with God and hear His voice, and also because it is the way we appropriate His life and power into our lives and into our churches.” *


What answers do you give when people ask you this same question, “Why pray?” We would all love to see them.



*page 15 of Transformation: Transformational Prayer; Transformational Prayer Leadership by Paul Covert available on Amazon or from Kindle.

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  • Paul,

    Tweeted your post, hoping a few will respond to your good question above . . .


  • Paul, I have been greatly encouraged and challenged by your book.  My greatest challenge is not thumping others on the head with it in an attempt to awaken the drowsy.  It seems many of us speak the words of prayer in a monologue because we have a theology of God but lack a vibrant relationship with Him.

  • When I'm feeling flippant, I often reply to the question of "Why pray?" with "Why do you talk to your spouse?" My desire in saying this is to move people from a transactional view of prayer to a relational one.

    • John,

      A fuller explanation of the difference between a transactional and a relational view of prayer would be beneficial to many ... possible?


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