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Pushing the Agenda

by Randy Davis on Apr 19, 2023


As leaders, we must consider what it means to advance wherever we are given responsibilities. As youth leaders, our obligations are how to minister to the students within and outside of our ministries. Influential leaders will look for a way to keep advancing versus maintaining. If we work to maintain, to put it bluntly - ministries die. 

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4 Signs You've Waited Too Long to Network

by Wayne Morgan on Apr 12, 2023


How do you know if you have waited too long before pursuing local connections? Here are a few signs...

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Why Youth Ministry Trips Are a Must!

by Travis Deans on Mar 24, 2023


Is it really worth taking students on trips? Mission trips, service projects, summer camps, music festivals,and fun adventures are a ton of work. Travis Deans shares why getting out of the church building and going is an essential part of working with students. 

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The Prayer Walk Project: A Challenge for Every State

by Rick Eubanks on Mar 24, 2023


The prayer walk project can be a key strategy in fueling a spiritual awakening. Join together to fulfill the prayer of Jesus "that they may be one," as collectives impact their schools with the power of prayer. Join the NNYM team in creating intentional movements of prayer accross the nation.

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Spring Youth Ministry Ideas

by Wayne Morgan on Mar 22, 2023


No, it's not JUST YOUR MINISTRY… attendance fluctuates with each season! Fall is a boom of excitement, winter has good momentum with Christmas parties and retreat weekends, and then comes spring. If you're not strategic, you might be surprised with how difficult it is to do youth ministry during spring. Here are a few ideas that might help fuel your youth ministry into the next season!

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NOTICE - For Seniors About to Graduate!!

by NNYM  on Mar 20, 2023


If you have students going off to college, check out these resources to get them connected to ministries for their next steps! Maybe you have students who are interested in taking a year off? Check out the Gap Year opportuinites in this blog!

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My Top 10 reasons for Summer '23 Music Festivals!

by Travis Deans on Mar 16, 2023


Ask almost any believer over 40 and there's a good chance that they will tell you that going to Christian music festivals as a teenager made a big impact on their lives. Most music festivals have come back and they are great places to spend extended amounts of time with your students - here are my Top 10 reasons for taking your students to a music festival!

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