God The Model Intercessor

by Thomas Bush




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Thomas Bush, Director, Prayer Assist Ministries (http://www.prayerassist.org/), and 
Director, Community Impact ROI, (http://communityimpactroi.org/), ;  
NEW E-mail: thomas.bush.sd@gmail.com, Cell: (619) 742-8694, 

New Address: 4755 71st St, La Mesa, CA 91942   

  • Prayer Assist consults with and equips pastors, leaders and faith-based organizations to produce more prayer-energized disciples and ministries.  
  • "Prayer is responding to God's invitation to come into His presence" 
  • Community Impact ROI:  Makes Communities Better by Fostering Mutually Beneficial Partnerships Among Community Stakeholders Toward Making the Greatest Impact for the Common Good 

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