Every month, we like to send everyone some practical and timely things to do right now. Here are five things you can do during the month of November. 

#1—Church Growth Resources

As you may have heard, Church Fuel and Church Marketing University have joined forces, and what better way to get to know CMU than by signing up for a FREE dashboard. Set up an account and get immediate access to top church growth resources like: Church Growth Assessment, Social Media Policy Template, 101 Church Outreach Ideas, and much more. Sign up here –>


Advent is a daily journey that reminds us of how God stepped into the darkness of our sinful world to save us. Daily quiet time reflects that journey from darkness to light as we trust in Jesus. Here is a ready-to-use Advent devotional for your church. Check it out –>

#3—Be Rich

A great way to reach new givers is to highlight a cause. People who don’t yet trust the church will often believe in a cause. And a short-term time frame encourages people to act. In this case study, you'll see that North Point Community Church does a great job at this with their yearly Be Rich campaign. Download now –>

#4—Rethinking Outreach Events

Is your church's goal to reach people in our community with the life-changing message of Jesus? Then you're most likely hosting outreach events throughout the year to reach your community. Read about this church that decided to host their outreach events on Sunday mornings instead of a different day of the week. Sunday events gave them a better opportunity to build relationships than Saturday or Sunday afternoon events. Read –>

#5—Pastor’s Planner

In just a few short weeks, our best-selling resource, the Pastor’s Planner, will be released for 2024. It’s a single page for each week to help you prioritize the most important actions, keep you focused on the most important people, and help you remember what’s coming soon. It will take as little as 15 minutes a week, but provide you with incredible focus. You’ll find space to reflect on a key takeaway, determine your key outcomes, jot down key action items, prayerfully consider people who need a connection, and practical and timely advice for the week. Be on the lookout for the release!

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