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Yikes! I Need Some Help!!!
It’s been two and half years since I started CityLife. It’s been an amazing journey to say the least but there is something you need to know. 
In the beginning before I became a chaplain for an apartment management company, I would go by their 4 apartments at that time to explore what God might be doing in apartments. I’ve never really considered doing apartment ministry although I had great respect for those who did. It’s hard work and never ending. I just had other things that God had put in my lap before this time. 
So….I would go to the leasing office of these 4 apartments and just ask the staff, “How can I pray for you?” Two of the managers were not too keen on the idea but they were polite in brushing me off. One assistant manager of one of the properties loved that but she had never been to church before so she really didn’t know how to respond. The other manager was a believer and she rattled off several things for me to pray for. 
After going back to those 4 properties week after week, the prayer requests began to come at a greater frequency. So much, as a matter of fact, that I realized that I needed help….now. The prayer requests were beginning to be more intense and concerning. 
Overwhelming!!!! The next thing I did changed CityLife forever. 
I began to enlist prayer intercessors to join me in praying for these requests. We began to pray for everything and everyone that God put on the hearts of the management team. We have seen the miraculous ever since. There have literally hundreds of prayers answered from healing, protection, jobs, anger management, deliverance from voodoo, comfort and salvation.  All this means is that God is going way before us and preparing the way for His love, mercy and care for people who desperately need Him and Him alone. His faithfulness and grace to answer so many prayers has been encouraging and extremely hopeful. 
What does this story mean..for you? Would you like to be one of our intercessors? We call it the CityLife PrayerHouse.  We will send you a prayer guide on the first and fifteenth of every month. Just send me a text at 678-231-1601 with your first and last name along with your email address. 
We would LOVE to have you join us in praying for God to move mountains in apartments!!!

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  • Lord, please bless this wonderful work of intercession and love, that is also so very challenging at times. Give grace and wisdom and Your joy. Please Lord Jesus. Thank You Lord.

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