Organized church has long taught that Jesus was fully God and fully man, except He did not sin.  This is not in the Bible.  It was decided by a vote of men in a council.  This concept is not Scriptural.  However, the council vote may have been Inspired by God.  While we “challenge” Scripture for edification, edicts of men are subject to other Spirit Led challenges.


God created everything in the universe, including on the earth.  Thus, Evanlogicals believe that mathematics was Invented by God.  Later, God shared mathematics with a human to whom “invention” was ascribed.  Such is human pride.


Since mathematics is of God and has been shared with humans for their use, Evanlogicals find that, sometimes, math is useful in understanding faith teachings.  Here is an example:


Jesus fully God + fully man – sin = Jesus fully God + physically man.


What if, in spreading the Gospel, Jesus, while remaining completely Superior to “men,” was presented in a manner that relates better to modern, educated “men?”


Evanlogicalism is all about getting unbelievers curious.  Pastors may better relate to the phrase “in the door.”  Once they are inside the door, they are ASSIGNED to those God has Chosen for the cloth.


Re-imagine well, good pastors.

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