#Rethink: Why "Spiritually Open" People Avoid Church

Reaching spiritually open non-Christians is an exciting opportunity for the Church, but to draw them to faith effectively, we need to understand what’s keeping this cohort of non-Christians away from churches right now. New Barna data offers clarity. 

We gave spiritually open non-Christians a list of statements pertaining to Christianity and spirituality, to discover which resonated most.

  • 24% completely agree with the statement “I feel like I have heard everything church leaders have to teach.”   

  • 34% choose “The Church does not answer my questions.” 

  • 36% say “I feel like my beliefs aren’t aligned with most of the Christians I know.” 

But the most popular response by far wasn’t directly focused on Christianity at all: 

  • 51% of U.S. teens and adults completely agree with the statement “I prefer to distance myself from the politics of the Church.”

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This finding comes from our Spiritually Open series. For more data and resources on reaching those who are spiritually open and curious, visit the Evangelism channel in Barna Access Plus.

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