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Dave Buehring is a friend of, one of our partners, and the Founder and President of Lionshare.  Please read and be encouraged by this post on how to disciple spiritual warriors.
Bobby Harrington
More often than not, when discipling those in our lives, we turn to Ephesians 6 to point them to how to put-on the armor of God. Or, we look at the temptation of Jesus to see how he effectively used the Scriptures to counter the devil’s attacks. Both very necessary, needed, and really important. However, often our discipling stops about there when we consider how to effectively use spiritual weapons when we find ourselves in spiritual warfare.
In A Discipleship Journey, we highlight ten scriptural weapons that we can use in the midst of spiritual battles. I’d like to highlight three of them here that we often don’t associate with pushing the enemy back and taking territory for Jesus and His Kingdom. All three can be used to armor-up those we are discipling!
Living a Godly Life
I remember as a young 18 year old missionary learning that the first step to functioning as an effective spiritual warrior was to live a life of godly obedience. This meant digging in to the Scriptures and actively applying what I was learning in my life. It also meant practicing humility – when I was wrong, admit it. When I sinned – confess and repent from it. When I discovered unforgiveness in my heart – repent and release whoever had caused me an offense. And, the quicker I responded, the better!
To live godly lives requires that we deal aggressively with sin, running from the slightest hint of temptation. It recognizes that every choice we make either pushes back or provides an opening for the powers of darkness. Spiritual warfare is not just praying a prayer or rebuking the devil—it is actually a lifestyle that we must be committed to and live!
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