Phil, we recently launched our latest book, A Light Unto My Path: A Practical Guide to Studying the Bible.



It's actually an update of a book I wrote in the 90s, but its content is still relevant because it answers seven crucial questions about the most timeless book of all—the Bible:

  1. Why do we read the Bible?
  2. How was the Bible created?
  3. Why do we need to interpret the Bible?
  4. What is the Bible about?
  5. What are the best tools for studying the Bible?
  6. What can I learn from others?
  7. How can I learn for myself?

The book took shape when I was still pastoring FBC Midland. We launched a "lay seminary" and began our equipping ministry with a class titled "How to Understand the Bible."

We sought to build a firm foundation for knowing the Bible, not so people could spout facts but so that they could consistently encounter the God of the Bible within its pages.

This book is an extension of that work.

I pray that A Light Unto My Path does teach you a few new things about the Bible, but I pray more so that this knowledge will be transformed by the Holy Spirit into a longing to dive more deeply into God's word—and thus into God's specific call on your life.

Without consistent, personal Bible study, you will miss out on so much that God desires to teach you.

Please request your copy of A Light Unto My Path today so that your personal time of Bible study may experience a deepening and renewing.

May its word spur you toward God's word.



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Dr. Jim Denison, PhD
CEO, Denison Ministries

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