RESOURCE: Insure Visitors Return

RESOURCE: Insure Visitors Return



Picture this:

You're a first time visitor at a church, and you just attended Easter service.

You liked it... I mean REALLY liked it!

But now you have a ton more questions than when you came to church.

Questions about who Jesus is, questions about the church, and just questions about Christianity altogether.

So where do you turn?

Well, if the church doesn't have a strong assimilation program already in place, you'll have to rely on word-of-mouth messaging from other members, or hope that the (extremely busy) pastor will meet with you directly to answer your questions.

The reality is that many churches don't have any process set up to move a visitor from the 'street' to a 'seat'.

And that's what the CLASS 101-401 program is all about.
CLASS 101-401
Created by Pastor Rick Warren, the CLASS Purpose Driven Discipleship Program is designed to help pastors and church leaders give new members the tools to understand their faith and make a true commitment to walking with Christ.

Click the button below to learn more about this unique and vastly successful program today… and get your new members on the path to a spirit-filled relationship with Christ.
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