#ReimaginePRAYER...as the way to influence culture, for good10434713454?profile=RESIZE_710x

  1. Gather a group/congregation/online to pray
  2. Set the focus on impacting culture by influencing leaders of influence for good
  3. Access one of the TIME magazine lists
    1. People - 2021
    2. 100 Companies
    3. People - 2020
    4. Gallery of additional lists
  4. Pray specific prayers...for specific people...that result in fruit for the Kingdom of God:
    1. Their sdalvation
    2. Their opportunities to do good
    3. Pray blessings for them and the culture (God already knows the bad/evil stuff)

Be like Epaphras.

Wrestle in prayer for them.

SO THAT...they grow and mature, standing complete and perfect in the beauty of God’s plan for their life as they influence our culture. (see Colossians 4:12)


Phil Miglioratti @ Pray.Network

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