#ReimagineEVANGELISM...as relational and conversational with Q Place

As a believer who knows that the message of Jesus matters, what can you do to reach people around you in a way that feels authentic and that doesn't just push them away?

In today's world, many people need a relational way to process the truth of Scripture . . . and an entry point that is relevant to their own spiritual questions. We can equip you to lead a group that meets these needs, and you don't have to be an expert in the Bible or apologetics.

At the first meeting of one of these groups, a participant sat right by the door, ready to bolt as soon as she felt pressured or told what to believeBut when she heard how the group would work, she relaxed and thought, I can handle that!” And not only did she “handle” it, but through that group and the facilitator who started the group, she became a fervent, joy-filled believer in Jesus!

When you learn how this kind of group works, we bet you'll also think, “I can handle that!”

Watch this 30-second video and see what one leader says about his group.


In Q Place Coaching, we'll help you learn how to invite people to your own group, run the first meeting, and facilitate well as you use materials that are designed to meet people where they are.

This online training starts the week of June 5th. Would you pray right now about this opportunity? If God has laid the importance of evangelism on your heart, this may be His answer.

Click here for all upcoming dates & times for Q Place Coaching.

Jan and the Q Place Team

  Jan Teat
Q Place National Field Leader

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