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We know you and your church long to minister effectively to those who’ve been affected by trauma. However, you may be struggling to develop ideas on what specific actions your congregation can take to become more trauma-informed.

That’s why we’re sharing a free checklist with 50 trauma-informed ways for your church to create a safe, nurturing space. These suggestions will help your congregation grow in empathy, awareness, and understanding—and allow it to be a place of healing and hope in a world that desperately needs it. 

May your church be a beacon of light, offering Christ’s comfort, restoration, and love to those who seek refuge within its walls.


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Jamie Aten, Ph.D. and Kent Annan, M.Div.  

Co-Founders of Spiritual First Aid


P.S. In the Spiritual First Aid Certificate Course, we teach 10 best practices—and provide you with the resources—to become a trauma-informed church, organization, or community.

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