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Dear Discipleship-first Friends,
We have not been clear.
As point leader of Discipleship.org, I have not communicated some key points to those who receive our newsletter. So, I am writing this email to make things plain, especially on three important items.
1. The 2022 National Disciple Making Forum is more of a gathering of 19 Disciple Making Conferences in one.
That’s right, there are 4 main stage presentations (making one conference), and then 18 additional conferences, each with 4 unique presentations. Here are four samples:
  • Want to learn about discipling women? Then join the four sessions by All In Ministries.
  • Want to learn about discipling hurting people? Then join the four sessions by Mercy Multiplied.
  • Want to learn about discipling people in identity and race issues? Then join the four sessions by Freedom in Christ Ministries.
  • Want to learn about discipling leaders? Then join the four sessions by discipleFIRST Ministries.
Check out all the tracks and details by going to m.discipleship.org.
2. Come as a Group - the Forum is a relational, connecting experience to be processed with others.
People come to the forum for many reasons, but the biggest reason is to come with a group of friends and discuss what you are learning and hearing. The forum is an experience like what is described in Proverbs 27:17: As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.
Join us live for the experience… for the connections… for the discussions… for the life-changing interactions… for the countless resources available… And then, between sessions and in evening conversations, process your thoughts and input with others in your group.
3. Groups get the best price for tickets to the Forum because a group of 5 tickets will only cost $119 each.
The individual price for tickets for our two-day Forum is currently $179.00. This is the lowest price available for individual tickets (there are no scheduled sales offering a lower price). There is also an option to attend virtually, however, it is important to note that the virtual option is limited to the four mainstage presentations and four track sessions (the Renew.org track) due to limited audio-visual capabilities. And it will be hard to compare notes on the different tracks and to process the experience with others when you only join virtually.
So, join us live in Nashville!
And if you purchase a group of at least five tickets, the price is reduced to only $119 per ticket.
Thank you for taking a minute to read this email to give me the opportunity to provide clarity.
I really hope and pray that you will make the decision to join us on October 5th & 6th at Christ Church Nashville.
For King Jesus,
Bobby Harrington
CEO, Discipleship.org and Lead Pastor
Click below to register for the National Disciple Making Forum. All this month you can use the promo code CURT to receive a free copy of Discipleship.org's newest book, "Recreated to be Like God: Making Disciples in Jesus' Image" by Curt Erskine.


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