Seeing 20/20… and Praying!

Hearing and Seeing What God is Saying and Doing

50-Day Scripture/Prayer Calendar

For Now. Today… and Forever.

Living in and Looking Forward to All Jesus Paid for and

All He Promises!

This Daily Walk and Prayer Calendar looks at the promises of God in the midst of the pleasures and perils of life.

How He works His will matters each day. He is continually working, changing each child of His, arranging each day, rearranging each body of believers so that they mature—looking, acting, speaking, seeing, more and more like Jesus. It’s all so we see and hear Him more clearly. What is God doing today? In your life? The circumstances differ for each of us, but God remains the same. So, See 20/20—look up, listen up, discover and see what God is saying and doing… and Pray! 

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• A gift to our network from national prayer leader/author Rick Shepherd •

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    Greetings! Rick Shepherd here.

    Getting ready for the Fall. Obviously, this is one of the most unique times in our lifetime! It is certainly a time to be in prayer and help focus people on the Lord and on Eternity—especially focusing on Jesus as Lord and Savior, on the Gospel, the Word of God, and the importance of connecting with our Heavenly Father and with one another. That is the reason for the attached tool, a 50-Day Scripture/Prayer Calendar for use This Fall, 2020 … to help people “See 20/20.”


    Every day we hear matters of life and death. Whatever people are facing, they need to be ready and aware, not flying in a ‘fog’ or flying blind. Time in Scripture and prayer can help each of us “see” better. This Fall is going to be the most unique Fall in decades and ministry is going to be a challenge—it’s always been a challenge, but now more than ever. The tool attached is designed as a help for these days as it walks a person through 1 Peter. Each person can walk through-read through-pray through the book of 1 Peter individually and together with other believers across the nation (even the world).


    This 50-Day Scripture/Prayer Calendar can be useful to any individual, family, small group, or local church. It goes from Sunday, September 13—eight Sundays, fifty days, seven weeks—to Sunday, November 1, two days before the General Election. We need to be praying for our nation and our world during these days… Here is one way to help do that, using Scripture and time with God.


    I’ve attached this tool to this email in pdf and Word formats so one or the other can potentially work better for you. It can be sent attached to any email with no cost for printing or anything else (It can be printed if someone wants to do that). And it can be used on a phone, tablet, or computer. Please, send it to whomever you please.

    In these days, we need to be 
    “Seeing 20/20” and we need to be Praying! As I mentioned, this Calendar walks through 1 Peter to help us in “Seeing 20/20” at a time when there is much fog, confusion, and a multitude of opinions in the air. No need to wonder, wander here and there, or wring our hands. We can pray and obey.


    One more word: I have seen these “Prayer Calendars” at work in many churches, bringing needed fresh perspective into a life and often, unity in a church, especially in light of reading and praying through the same Scriptures. Some have come to faith in Christ. Others have been revived because of their time with the Lord. Whatever the case, we as believers, as families, as churches, as a nation, as a world, are in great need. We must come before the Lord. Here is one way. 

    May the Lord guide you in these days in how He might want you to use the 
    “Seeing 20/20”
     tool to better equip the Body of Christ and spread the Good News of Jesus Christ.

    Thankful for you,


    August 4, 2020

    Several weeks ago, I sent (basically, this) Scripture/Prayer Calendar for use this Fall--starts September 13, just over 5 weeks away. Some responded with a few tweaking suggestions, which I put in place. I also made some grammar corrections and added contact info for any who desire.

    The original post (above) is now linked to the revised edition, ready for the Fall. It can be printed (but does not have to be), or sent via email attachment, etc., or placed on a Website, or simply read digitally (plus).

    It is no secret that we are in remarkable times, even perilous in some ways. We desperately need genuine Revival in the Church worldwide and Spiritual Awakening across every culture. I have prayed and heard many prayers in these weeks, but I have not seen the desperate praying reported in past awakenings. This Scripture/Prayer Calendar is not “The Silver Bullet” for that kind of praying. It is not “The” tool but is “a” tool for such a time as this. We certainly need to pray.

    I encourage you to use this as the Lord directs and send it to whomever, as He leads. I began this last January, before any of the current situations were in place. I was praying and hoping it could be useful for churches this Fall, as I had seen similar calendars do in past years—getting people in the Word, praying together, seeking the Lord for what He could do, changing hearts and churches and communities His way. Then, came what we see and hear all around us. God is still God. The Word is still the Word and Prayer is still Prayer.

    The two attachments are in Word format and pdf, so that either might work better than the other for your unique situation. One (or both) should be useable on a Smart Phone, Tablet, or Computer, so that one could read and pray wherever and whenever.

    Across the world, there are many calls to prayer. This Calendar is one more tool in the toolbox for the Body of Christ. May the Father multiply prayer and attention to Himself and His Word.

    Rick Shepherd

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