Prayer for Ukraine

Prayer/Care/Share when war breaks out 

Compassionate responses to people’s need around us start at home.  The TOGETHER partnership aims to encourage us all to live out those values where we live:  praying for lost people; caring for them in practical, loving ways; and looking for doorways to gospel conversations.

If we are doing this HERE, we more than likely are also burdened for what is happening far away in war ravaged Ukraine.  If so, what can we DO?

A great place to start is with families nearby that you or people in your church may know or have heard about who have family back in Ukraine or Russia.  Reach out to them, empathize with them, and find out how you can help or encourage them.

Meanwhile, you can take important steps:

PRAY:  Get others in your church to join you in praying more specifically for the needs in Ukraine.  Send them a copy of this plea from Ukrainian church leaders that invites us to join them in their prayers.

CARE:  Find ways to encourage others to donate to an emergency fund that can help.  This could be a special fund that your church creates that will go to one of the the examples described below,  or to donate to one of them directly. SHARE:  If you are a leader, Instruct people how they can use overheard conversations about the Ukraine invasion as a platform to share with friends and family about the hope we have found in Jesus despite the brokenness of our world.
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