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There are many ways to pray for the United States.  Some take a very politicized approach to prayer, seamlessly blending politics with spiritual truth in ways that are sometimes inspired and at other times, well, pretty agenda-based.  Others take a more generic approach, simply trusting God to bring about the right results without really concerning themselves too much with specific issues.  Still others take an approach founded not in politics but in Scripture and less issue-based than Word-based.  In this last camp falls a 40-day prayer devotional entitled Desperate for Change, by Dave Butts.


Desperate for Change focuses its prayer topics on scriptural themes such as peace, hope, courage, and wisdom.  Each day's devotion features a couple of paragraphs on that day's theme, then two or three bullet points to guide prayer and finally a written prayer from Dave.  The tone is heartfelt, worshipful - and yes, a bit desperate.  Desperate to see God glorified in our country; desperate to see our country return to His ways.  Desperate, in the words of Day 1's devotion, to see the United States reverse the trend of placing man's wisdom above the truth of God's word.


This 40-day devotional is great for individual or small group use; but perhaps its greatest potential lies in using it as a guide for a churchwide prayer campaign.  If it's true (and it is) that the greatest difference Christians can make on the direction and shape of our country is through prayer, then Desperate for Change is an investment in our country that the Church cannot afford to pass up.


Desperate for Change is available through Harvest Prayer Ministries at (click the picture for a link directly to this resource).  It's also the basis for the "As One" prayer campaign featured in the Praying for the United States group ( here on Pray.Network.

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