Pray for Your City

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One of those topics is the community--Brazil, Indiana.

Our intercessors soar in prayer as they lift up businesses, poverty, schools, drug addiction, lost friends, and so on--issues within our city--before the Lord.

The place we live--city and nation--is often on the hearts of believers. I guarantee it is on the hearts of your people, too.

This issue of Prayer Hacks (sign-up here to receive Prayer Hacks each week) looks at praying for your city. I also share below a few resources that will help you pray more effectively for your community. I hope you are blessed as you read. I encourage you to share this with your believer friends.




Pray for Your City

When my wife and I moved to Indiana 14 years ago, we settled in the country between Terre Haute, a fair-sized city of 70,000, and Brazil, a small town of 6,000. Our work was in Terre Haute, but our heart was in Brazil.

Even though we left a major city to move here, our hearts very quickly developed a fondness, then a love for Brazil. We settled in a church in Brazil. We started frequenting the businesses and restaurants in Brazil, though far more limited than the options of the larger city. Our growing love caused us to even be willing to pay more at small town businesses in Brazil than we might pay at larger chain stores in Terre Haute.

Though we weren’t in exile, and we certainly we not forced to gravitate to Brazil over the often more convenient Terre Haute, we took to heart Jeremiah’s charge “Also, seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile. Pray to the Lord for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper” (29:7). We prayed for the community and supported it however we could. , , ,


Pray for City Resources

Cities matter to God. Your community matters to God. Learn about what God is doing to raise up citywide prayer movements, bringing churches and believers together in communities to pray and how you can pray with knowledge over your community.

Here are 3 valuable resources to fuel your passion and prayer for your city.


Our Ministries

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