PRAY...Across Your State

PRAY...Across Your State

An example of statewide cooperation/collaboration:

a wide collaboration of Christian ministries uniting in prayer

New members this week ~
*Church of the Nazarene, Los Angeles District
Greg Garman, Superintendent

*Gold Area Aglow, Northern California Region,
AB Baugham, President

Prayer Season ~ August 21-27, 2022
Prayer Focus ~ United States of America, Government and Society

2022 California Prayer Coalition members 
(to date)
National Day of Repentance, Jeff Daly
William Jessup University, John Jackson
The Prayer Council of the United States, Valerie Jackson
Eternal Truth Now Ministries, Alane Haynes
California Association of Evangelicals, Dwight Burchett
East Bay Prayer Furnace, Amy Knight
Limitless Realms International Ministries, Billie Alexander
The Salt & Light Council, Dran Reese
Assemblies of God, Southern California, Rich Guerra
Destiny Apostolic Company, Candi MacAlpine
Assemblies of God, N California and Nevada, Bret Allen
Pray California, Maryal Bouman
Foursquare Church, Western District, Tim Russell
Gold Area Aglow, N Cal, AB Baughman
Church of the Nazarene, Los Angeles District, Greg Garman
Sierra Ministries International, Dan Prout


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