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  • Saw your discussion Max. Not to be off topic but its funny that you mention Daniel Henderson. Daniel was our pastor some 20 years ago and married my wife and I back in the day....small world!
  • Most prayer summits are listed on the International Renewal Ministries calendar.

    Others who have participated in a prayer summit - What was your experience? Has it changed the way you pray? Lead prayer?
  • Thanks for referring me to the International Renewal Ministries calendar. All that information looks very helpful and could save us a lot of work. But what I think I am feeling is that what I long for is a genuine move of God here, in this area, central PA. I know there are wonderful summits that happen in Washington, California, Japan, and any number of wonderful far away places. I don't want to read more accounts. I don't need more recipes. I don't want another list of to-do items to guarantee the success of anything. I just want to see God and experience Him with my brothers and sisters in this area. Is that too much to ask?
  • Contact Dennis Fuqua @ IRM and ask if he has been contacted by a group in your area? I have attended a prayer summit in Philadelphia in years past; they may still be going. Rhode Island is having a summit (Denis and I will be be facilitating) March 23-25, 2010 ...
  • I fly tomorrow (3/24) to Rhode Island for a prayer summit with pastors from that state and region ... May God open a door in central Pennsylvania soon!
  • I'm in Atlanta, but I'd consider coming. Daniel is a great guy. I'm taking 4 others to Brooklyn Tab (April 6) where he and Jim Cymbala are having an all day prayer conference finishing with the Brooklyn Tab prayer meeting. Again, keep me in the loop on what you decide for central PA.
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