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As things are beginning to open back up after the world-wide pandemic we've been grateful to schedule ministry events once again!

Alice has just completed a series of sessions on intercessory prayer for a local church. She hosted a grand opening for a small church who opened their first building and she was honored to be the guest speaker for a women's conference, Nothing Wasted. 

We're blessed to see doors open for the U.S. Prayer Center. 

If you and your church would like to consider an event please contact our office for more information. 

Eddie and Alice, known as "America's Prayer Coaches" offer many conferences and pastoral staff events. Their teachings include topics of intercessory prayer, corporate prayer, deliverance, personal freedom and integrity for the prophetic.

We'd be honored to discuss an event in your area! 

Call or email for more information:, 713-466-4009

April 30: Eddie and Alice Smith - Marriage Panel

Christ The Living Word Church
16618 Clay Rd Ste 550
Houston, TX 77084
May 4th: Eddie and Alice Smith - Korean leaders with Wagner Leader Institute 

June 3-5: Alice Smith - Divine Encounter, 2022

Overcomer's House 
686 East 219th Street
Bronx, NY 10467

Contact us to schedule your next church event today! 
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Eddie & Alice Smith
U.S. Prayer Center

7710-T Cherry Park Dr, Ste 224
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  • In the New Testament, Paul wrote: "I've found that in whatsoever state I am in therewith to be content."

    He also wrote, "Godliness with contentment is great gain."

    I've noticed that discontented people are ungrateful people.

    You see, GRATITUDE is the well from which contentment is drawn.

    - Eddie Smith

    Understanding Your Wilderness

    When the pathway to growing closer to Jesus takes you through a wilderness experience, what should you do? Do you struggle, do you fight, worry, or perform?

    Learn the right position to assume as Alice Smith leads you step-by-step through understanding that God allows them, why He allows them, and what we should learn in these difficult seasons. Gain new revelation as to why "the silence of God" is as necessary as the voice of God for our spiritual growth. Relish the old stories of giants in the faith who faced life's crises and it became the point of their breakthrough victory.

    For just $6 order Alice's MP3 audio teaching & learn from the comfort of your home, today!

    Understanding Your Wilderness MP3 Audio Teaching
    Prayer Bookstore is the online bookstore for Eddie and Alice Smith and the U.S. Prayer Center.
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