In this issue of Prayer Leader I share three things.1. An interview between author Kim Butts and Phil Miglioratti regarding her newest book 7 Prayers for Discernment and Decision Making, an excellent resource to help groups hear the voice of God in corporate decisions.2. I hope you enjoyed our Prayer Hacks, Part 1 of "Find Your Prayer Style" last week. Below is the link to Part 2, which looks at the things that shape our prayer style. I am sure you will find it interesting.3. I also want to encourage you to participate in 21 Days of Prayer for Schools in August/September. Find out how below.Blessings,Jon Graf

God, "Bless What We Planned"

In this Pray Beyond, Phil Miglioratti, the head of ReImagine Network, interviews author Kim Butts about hearing God’s voice in decision making. It is based on her book 7 Prayers for Discernment and Decision Making (PrayerShop Publishing).

PHIL >>> Kim, you have extensive experience across many church cultures. What did you discern that prompted you to write a guide to decision-making?

KIM >>> This is not a simple answer as it took a gradual “epiphany.” Although this book can be utilized for any number of purposes requiring discernment and/or decision-making, it was birthed from a need we (my husband, Dave, and I) had to find a bridge to a solution for a specific disconnect we were seeing in church after church across America. . . .


Find Your Prayer Style (Part 2)

In Part 1 of Find Your Prayer Style, we learned that we all have a different prayer style. But what is our prayer style based upon, and how do we discover what ours is so we can develop as a powerful prayer warrior?


We start by finding our spiritual gift. . . .


Pray for Schools with Us!

We are encouraging believers and churches across the country to join us for 21-Days of Prayer for Schools.

Tens of thousands of believers and churches will be using the prayer guide Reclaim a Generation in August and September to pray for their students and schools as kids go back to school.

Plan now to participate!

You can order your guides now!


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