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How Dynamis Grows Generosity Potential

Written by Dynamis Ministries

If you’ve been reading the Dynamis Drop for some time, you probably know that Dynamis Ministries is focused on “Growing Generosity Potential” in people’s lives. We do this in multiple ways, but the main way is through Generosity Plans. A Generosity Plan is a customizable plan that is tailored to a person’s individual gifts, passions and story and draws out unique ways they can use their time, gifts and resources to be more generous and change the world for good. Even though we’re a young ministry, we’ve completed several plans already throughout the nation. Today, we wanted to inspire you by sharing a few of the action items that participants received in their Generosity Plan. Perhaps something connects with you today in a meaningful way!



  • Utilize your home and spiritual gifts of hospitality to host people by blessing them with a meal while showing them love, care and belonging. Discuss who you are most passionate about to extend hospitality. Is it the least of these, people from the church, neighbors, or friends and family? Gain clarity on who to show hospitality to and how to extend it and direct your spiritual gifts and some of your resources in that direction. Set a goal to do this with regularity whether it be once a month or once a quarter.
  • Consider opening a donor advised fund for creating a greater strategy to your financial giving and increasing its impact. A donor advised fund can bring intentionality and simplicity to your giving while also providing tax efficient ways to give to the causes you care about.
  • Explore ways you can lean into your passion for adoption. This could range from aligning with a ministry that shares this mission or personally funding scholarships for individuals/couples you are connected to who are looking to adopt. You might even become informal “sponsors” for a family that adopts by helping them with the material, emotional, mental and spiritual needs of this significant burden.
  • Open an additional savings account that can be used as a personal giving account. With this account you can be responsive to God’s nudges as you become aware of induvial needs. Utilize this account to carry extra cash on hand, to have gift cards to give away or to be able to Venmo money easily and quickly.
  • Create a “Giving Circle” where you can invite friends to meet together on a regular rhythm to socialize and occasionally pool financial resources to give to an identified organization or family in need. This will create a multiplying effect with your generosity and increase its impact. 
  • Re-examine your beneficiary designations for any qualified assets, such as your stock investments, 401K and Roth IRA. Weigh the possibilities of including a charitable intent with some assets you will one day leave as an inheritance and legacy.
  • Recommit to teaching and living out your generosity with your children. Participate in a fundraiser walk/run as a family that benefits a cause you care about and support it with a financial gift. Look for these fundraiser events in other states where you can even incorporate it into your family travel plans.

These are just a small sampling of the ways we’ve come alongside people to grow their generosity potential. We would love to do a Generosity Plan with you too! To begin this process, sign up for an introductory call with a Generosity Coach by clicking the icon below. By doing so, you will join this movement of people across the country who are multiplying their God-given potential for generosity!

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