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Dear Discipleship-first Friends,

We are grateful for Dan Leitz, CEO of The Bonhoeffer Project for sharing the Five Keys to designing a Discipleship Gospel:
  1. Start Upstream
Any time we jump in the water downstream, we find water that has been polluted by everything it runs through before it got to that location. The same thing happens with the Gospel we teach. We must go back to the headwaters of Scripture to ensure we are in clean water. The Gospel you proclaim determines the disciples you produce.
  1. Find the Truth
The western church has created a lot of gospels, mostly meant to suit their needs and desires. We must study the real deal (see #1) to recognize the counterfeits. The gospel Americana is making a mess of things.
  1. Engage the Holy Spirit
Nothing we do will work if we don’t fully engage the leading of the Holy Spirit. Jesus sent Him to guide us, and to comfort us as we walk through the mess of life with those that we disciple.
  1. Know It Is a Long Game
The Bonhoeffer Project understands that discipleship is not a quick fix for the church. We model the long obedience of following Christ in our cohorts, discipling one another as we move you through the process.
  1. Find the “Who”
Not everyone has the desire to embark on the journey of discipleship. Look for those who are 4th soilers, ready to grow and put in the hard work.
Join The Bonhoeffer Project breakout sessions at the National Disciple Making Forum on October 5th and 6th in Nashville, Tennessee and for The Bonhoeffer Gathering the day before.
The Bonhoeffer Project breakouts include:
Track 1:  Intentional Gospel
Track 2:  Words Matter
Track 3:  Refresh and Reset
Track 4:  Intentional Multiplication
Click here to register for the 2022 National Disciple Making Forum*


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  • Dear Discipleship-first friends,
    This week's show in the collective highlights the ministry of the Navigators Church Ministries. Wednesday's show will feature Justin Gravitt and Tony Miltenberger talking about "Four truths that grow a disciple making culture." Thursday's show is with Bill Mowry on how to practically walk alongside those you disciple. These shows will play live in the Auditorium this Wednesday & Thursday (September 7th & 8th) at 2PM Central.

    Also, don't miss the recent show we did with Alice Matagora on the pitfalls of making disciples. She has a new book out that uses research from Barna. It can be hard to find work that is data-driven and practical. She has a great combination of both! You can find many other great shows in that recent show link as well!

    Navigators Church Ministries is one of our Breakout Track Leaders at the Forum in October. To find out more about the forum and register to attend you can click here - National Disciple Making Forum. You can see their track info on the mobile site here.

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