Hallelujah! Love2 Pray is now live!
This is our new ministry designed to equip, encourage and challenge individuals to grow in their personal prayer lives.Its goal is to develop both the relationship purpose of prayer--communing with God--in the Love2Pray member, and equip them in the "releasing God's will" purpose of prayer, so each each member learns to pray God's purposes in their world.A completely digital based ministry using website and email, Love2Pray provides its members the following features:
  • A Daily Prayer Pattern of kingdom-focuses prayer points to pray for themselves, their families and friends, their church, Christ's kingdom and the lost.
  • A weekly blog "Prayer Hacks" that each week includes one idea, tip, principle of prayer that can move us to deeper prayer. (This feature is open to anyone, member or non-member.)
  • Access to all issues and articles in Prayer Connect magazine. Access to many prayer initiatives and prayer guides, and Bible studies published by PrayerShop Publishing.
  • Access to teaching videos. Access to Video Courses on Prayer (coming in a few months).
No matter where you are in your prayer life, Love2Pray can move you further!
Love2Pray is especially beneficial to those who struggle to have a regular, meaningful prayer life or a newer or younger believer who needs to be mentored in prayer.


As a reward, sign up for Love2Pray during March and your membership will be 33% off!


Improve Your Prayer Life

Prayer—our connection with God—is an awesome gift. Yet while every follower of Jesus Christ knows it is important, many of us struggle to maintain an active, meaningful prayer relationship with God.

Love2Pray will give you the tools and the ongoing encouragement you need to develop a vibrant, dynamic prayer life.. . . .


New Weekly Blog from Love2Pray

If you join Love2Pray you will automatically receive Prayer Hacks each week. But if you are not ready to join, you can still receive Pray Hacks free of charge.

Each week an idea, tip or some other bit of encouragement to enhance your personal prayer life will be emailed to you from Love2Pray.









Are You Using All Your Tools in Prayer

If you want to improve your personal prayer life, a great resource is my recently revised book The Power of Personal Prayer. It starts with very basic information, then builds to explore 10 different aspects of prayer that can help to make you more effective in your prayer life.

A great book for a new believer or a person who struggles in prayer.


Get in a Kingdom-Focused Daily Pattern of Prayer

Patterns for Prayer, by Dr. Alvin VanderGriend, is an excellent resource both to help the user pray each day and focus their prayers more toward Kingdom results.

Each day there are prayer point to help you pray God's purposes for yourself, your friends and family, your church, kingdom expansion and the lost.

A full year of prayer points comes in a 3-volume set. Purchase all three and save. Or buy each 4-month individually.

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Church Prayer Leaders Network

Church Prayer Leaders Network 2800 Poplar St Suite 43-L Terre Haute, Indiana 47803 United States (812) 238-5504

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  • PrayerShop Publishing celebrates our 15th anniversary in May. Thank you for supporting us by purchasing our prayer resources!

    gh366-82ad97d9-a121-4a25-8192-4187c76fe3da-v2?profile=RESIZE_180x180As a way to reward you, our shoppers and supporters, and as a way to celebrate, from now until May 14th, we are offering a 15% discount off one order (purchased at prayershop.org only).

    To get your discount use code PSP15 at checkout.

    So shop around, put your order together, and use the code to save an additional 15%.

    And thanks for supporting PrayerShop the past 15 years!

    Below are some highly recommended resources you might want to consider purchasing for yourself or your congregation to pray through together. All could have a profound impact on your people!

    gh366-1fbd57a6-7a51-47b7-8ea6-8477c2aaff9c-v2?profile=RESIZE_180x180Celebrate with Us!

    We All Need Peace in These Days

    Help Your People Appropriate It with This 30-Day Prayer Devotional.

    This 30-day devotional will encourage, inspire and challenge you that you can experience and walk in the peace of Jesus no matter what circumstances you are walking through.


    Do You Know Why Prayer Is Important in the Life of a Church

    This landmark book by Dave Butts, Forgotten Power lays out from Scripture a simple theology for a praying church. It is an important read for pastors, elders and prayer leaders of every church, because grasping its knowledge will inspire leaders to fight for prayer in their church!

    Multiple copy discounts are available, plus use code PSP15 before May 14 and save an additional 15% off the purchase.


    Be a Catalyst for Unity in Your City!

    In many cities across the country, churches are joining together in unity to pray for their community.

    Why not be a catalyst for unified prayer in your community? Purchase these resources for pastors and prayer leaders in your city. Encourage them how simple it can be to join forces in prayer! If you can't buy copies of all three resources, I recommend starting with City of Prayer.

    Use code PSP15 at checkout for an additional 15% discount!


    Pre-Orders Start in Two Weeks

    Kids and schools are a battlefield today. They need much prayer!

    Bridgebuilders International Leadership NetworkPrayer Connect and the Church Prayer Leaders Network are calling for a National Prayer Initiative 21 Days of Back-to-School Prayer in August. Thousands will lift up our nation's children during that time. We hope you will, too!

    Won't you and your church join us? Pre-orders of the prayer guide everyone will use, Reclaim a Generation, will begin May 15th at prayershop.org.

    Books will be shipped in early July.


    Grow Your Personal Prayer Life

    Check out our new ministry to help you grow in your personal prayer life.

    Love2Pray will equip you to develop a meaningful, daily prayer life, and encourage you to thrive in your relationship with Jesus through prayer.

    Join today--you can cancel at any time.

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    Church Prayer Leaders Network
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