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On Wellbeing & Community Development

Ca1Bc1AcAGBvr-XEknz-Gr67LHdUgwDGinB3BwzYlflDDBCJZU-Kd5I0j5eBoxHUhyp1UH6MrqYVezAhJqXzDuwk4zXVhMKg2cYqLuevhW1iukVXT4Pb3EmzyEIP1vP5zxoaw2HQQznhLoe644eYru6iqQdEwg=s0-d-e1-ft#<a href=
In this ministry highlight, Alma sat down with Pastor Will, who is part of World Impact, a CCDA organizational member. He shared about the World Impact ministries in Charlotte, NC and on what wellbeing looks like for him and the organization. He reflects on the prison ministry, trauma healing work, and community development they do in Charlotte, and how the principles within each have taught him the value of grieving and healing himself.
Learn how Integral Wellbeing is to Community Development Here
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Perkins & Padilla

Dr. Rene Padilla and Dr. John M. Perkins were founders of a distinct theo-praxis in their geographic and ministry contexts. Their models of ministry focused on social, economic, political, ecological, and spiritual restoration for the marginalized in Latin America and the US. This event will explore the intersection between the theological contributions of misión integral through the lens of Dr. Rene Padilla and the philosophy of Christian community development through the lens of Dr. John M.  Perkins. This event is put on by CCDA, World Outspoken, Candler Foundry and Candler School of Theology’s pastoral leadership certificate program.

Join us for this one of a kind event!

G9BV64o2jNlVpVFXm1QSFzYQUAamUJFdnjNBVYyGnfW8N2_KKpJzBJgwJQ6gxgXvsDhnXgJ2yoBjTJtaP4g10uezheBz2mOFvakfK2HuoFTZXF2dOIhsIYqrYLTyXFCD2oaXNzdeO66EGYpdxyMDrBtte3XJI-4=s0-d-e1-ft#<a href=

Gun Violence Symposium

We are excited to have CCDA members, Steve Park & Dr. Soong Chan-Rah, share at this gun violence symposium in Washington, DC. We believe Christians can contribute (and have been contributing) to the discourse in ways that are grounded in a Biblical and theological vision of human flourishing - addressing issues of violence, hate, and murder. If you are in the DC area, check out this symposium!

Find out more here.

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Radical Imagination

Starts TOMORROW! Our Radical Imagination Series is designed to challenge and expand your understanding of Christian Community Development philosophy & praxis. 

Our first class is Mutual Aid. Mutual Aid is a kinship network that has existed for centuries. Come learn from Brandon & Erica Wrencher about ways current communities are living a collective reliance grounded in biblical foundations.

Expand your imagination with CCD today.


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Join the Resistance

Join us for another author meetup with Michelle Ferrigno Warren!   Michelle is a beloved part of the CCDA family and has played an integral role in moving the association from action to faith-rooted activism.

"From the grassroots to the grass tops, Warren invites us to understand our place in this moment and learn from those who have gone before: the poets and prophets who call us to resist oppression and injustice. Biblical, historical, and contemporary examples give us ways to walk in God's righteousness, truth, and peace. We can better understand our shared solidarity, persevere in the midst of struggle, bring people along, and remain rooted in joy as we continue the good work of kingdom justice."

Learn more from Michelle today.

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Did you know that CCDA’s National Conference, happening November 2-5, has a livestream registration option? Not only for individuals, but we have livestream site licenses also. That way your church or organization can host a watch party in your city, if you’d like. 

As a livestream participant, you can view everything that is happening on the main stage in real-time. You will also have access to 4 special live-streamed workshops.

This is a great opportunity to make sure you don’t miss out; even if you can’t attend in-person. 

Contact Scott Overpeck ( for livestream registration questions.
Join us at #ccdaWellbeing this November
Connect with Us!
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Mid-Autumn Festival

AAPI family, it's time for Mid-Autumn Festival! We invite you to our gathering to celebrate the season together in community. Come ready to share the things your are grateful for, personally and in your context. Also, feel free to bring your favorite mooncake to show us online!

Come celebrate with us! RSVP today.

8kReZ8ygEA2tCMuEurUFzpsleLCW62xKI645Ga8_eMXUrGePUKouVhuLWGMpNsoT1JRP3i4gGzoMMNOAX2ijeH_1lwMBGk4HlNogZa4vuytPN-_9kfvFOF5jPCFQcqBBO2bCQbt5tlpPglPZJfAUZODPAi-FKg=s0-d-e1-ft#<a href=

How do we live Church?

We want to get folks thinking about how they live their everyday lives as Jesus-followers, not just where they might attend a great worship service or small group study. The CCD Lifestyle Affinity Network is a growing group of people committed to thinking deep and living differently for the common good of all humans and our world. Please join us in this next conversation-we would love to hear your voice and story around this compelling question. We know that our answers will play out different for each person within their calling, giftedness, cultural and regional contexts. We'd love to learn from you!

RSVP for this dynamic conversation here.

IYp7ZaWAhB98viVgI0lbhSClJ7P9MZEinobTaLE5zkXdeZ3aK0RvaYZqoOAoP8I4K-Tb2Yh967owMu0hJ3fHZYXA9DmUuq_3_6Cu_-jWTadAIeChLQPWrJN0BFFXvDe-GgFU9sO6rrVvYR62KRxDPeWYhlToHw=s0-d-e1-ft#<a href=

Creative Ways to Reduce Gun Violence

Join us for our next Reducing Gun Violence Affinity Network Meeting where we will hear about a regional peacemaking collective model and learn from each other about creative ways to curb gun violence in our communities.

👉🏽We are a group of CCDA practitioners around the country who are passionate about reducing gun violence and caring for those impacted by it in our communities. We hope to do this through learning opportunities, connection and collective mobilization. 

RSVP for our meeting today!




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  • CT Pastors Newsletter
    Tuesday, July 19, 2022

    Serving Your Neighbor in Need

    What makes a successful ministry? If a ministry operates for years and serves your community's needs, but the people it helps never join your church, is that a success? Barbara Lowery, a member of Belmont Baptist in Charlottesville, Virginia, says yes. Adam Macinnis spoke with Lowery about her church's laundry ministry for Christianity Today, "None of these people became members of our church. That wasn’t what it was about. It was about helping people in need.”

    Macinnis found this a common sentiment for many churches with laundry ministries, where a church either runs a laundromat or often gives out money at laundromats to homeless and lower-income individuals and families. These acts of service do not usually lead to people joining churches, but they are concrete ways to meet needs in the community and share God's love.

    Jesus reminds us that whatever we do for the least of our neighbors, we have done for him. Pastor, how can your church creatively help your neighbors?

    Preach the Gospel Everywhere. When Necessary, Use Laundromats.
    A different kind of "third place" ministry creates community and connections with washers and dryers.
    Adam MacInnis

    Some come with track marks from years of drug abuse. Others come with children in tow. Some are struggling through a bad week. Others, a bad decade. All bring their dirty laundry.

    They wash it and dry it for free at church-run laundry services throughout the United States.

    “Christ said we should feed the hungry and clothe the naked, and I think those clothes should be clean,” said Catherine Ambos, a volunteer at one such ministry in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

    Of course, it’s not really ...

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