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NEWSLETTER - Bless Your Pastor

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National research by Barna Group indicates that pastors are discouraged, with 43 percent of pastors saying that they have given serious consideration to leaving vocational ministry. The Bless Your Pastor program encourages, equips and empowers Christians and churches to prepare for October Pastor Appreciation Month. Since 2019, over 2,500 churches have participated in Bless Your Pastor, raising $1.6 million in appreciation offerings. Learn how your church can Bless Your Pastor today.
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Intentional Leadership for Kingdom Impact
Nona Jones is an accomplished leader in the business/tech community, a pastor in a local church and an author and speaker. As a survivor of abuse and a difficult childhood, the odds were stacked against her. But God used a visit to church in sixth grade to change the trajectory of Nona’s life. Her story showcases the powerful nature of the gospel to transform lives. Listen today.

Loving the Least of These
Widespread flooding, record-breaking heat waves and other extreme weather events capture our attention. While the environment affects us all, the most profound impacts are on those in poverty. “Loving the Least of These: Addressing a Changing Environment” is an updated report showing how climate change impacts the world’s most vulnerable. Download the report. 
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*Don't miss out on FLOURISH in Nashville Oct. 4–5. Registration closes on September 27. Scholarships are available. Please contact with any questions.
Today, we pray for our pastors and church leaders, especially those who are discouraged and struggling. We pray that you would encourage and surround them with faithful men and women of God who can provide wise counsel. We pray that the Bless Your Pastor campaign would reach more and more churches, so that more and more pastors may be blessed. We pray that you would bring the right leaders to Flourish in Nashville and that your Spirit would empower and equip each leader to know how to navigate complexity with biblical clarity.
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