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Summer weather and vacations have arrived - and there's no better time to dig into a new book!

Taking the time to read a book on justice, alone or with a group, can be life-changing.

This month's digest is full of resources to help you sift through the ever-growing list of books on justice and pick one that's right for you. You'll find:

  • A blog with 12 books on justice that our staff recommend
  • A Zoom recording of our AJ Book Club discussion on Pursuing Justice
  • An invitation to our discussion of Just Mercy
  • One client's story of help and hope
Our hope is that this Digest helps you choose books to read, connect with other readers, and hear how seeking justice is changing people's lives.


AJ Blog: 12 Books on Justice That Can Change Your Life

Are you open to challenging yourself to seek justice for the vulnerable?

Read a book – ideally with others!

To get you started on your reading challenge, we asked our staff to each recommend one book that addresses justice. These books represent a wide range of topics and approaches to doing justice work.

Most of these books are distinctly Christian, but not all. Some highlight injustices and show an opportunity for Christians to engage and make a difference. They are all powerful books.

Here are 12 staff recommendations for books on justice that might change your life, in no particular order.

Read the Blog

AJ Videos: Author-Led Discussion of Pursuing Justice

Watch our discussion on biblical justice with Ken Wytsma, author of Pursuing Justice from our last AJ Book Club.
Watch Now

AJ Book Club: Join our Next Discussion

AJ Book Club spurs you to read and talk about justice with other Christians so we pursue it together. 

Three times a year, we read and discuss one book, in a virtual discussion led by the author or an expert in the field.

Our next book is Just Mercy and Chelsea Friske from Prison Fellowship will be leading our discussion on Oct 25 at 7 PM (CST) on Zoom.

It's open to anyone seeking life-changing books and discussions around the theme of gospel justice.

Register Today!
Books can be dangerous. The best ones should be labeled “This could change your life.”
                                                                         ― Helen Exley

AJ Stories: How Seeking Justice Provides Hope for Clients

Sonia* was struggling with the father of her children not abiding by their parenting agreement: he would not sign for the kids’ passports, he would not care for them at the times he had agreed to, he still demanded half the children’s monetary benefits, and he was behind on child support payments. She came to a center for advice.

It was clear she loved her kids but was struggling with the stress of caring for them full time without financial support or childcare support. Our volunteer attorney listened to her story, reviewed her documents, and told her she would follow up with the proper petition and legal aid referral.

When the client was asked after what she found most helpful, she said, “Everything. They were all so helpful. The attorney was great and the rest of the team.” Sonia felt equipped for her legal need and a greater sense of God’s love and hope in her situation.
*Name has been changed.

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