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February 2023


Transforming New England with the love of Jesus,

by making disciples who do justice and foster unity to share Jesus.

In this Issue:

President's Message

Make Disciples

Do Justice

Foster Unity

Upcoming Events



We believe God is calling the Church to make disciples more intentionally. Listen to our President, Charles Galda, to hear how Vision New England is working with New England church leaders to form cultures of disciple making.


Teach Them to Obey My Commands (Matt. 28:19)

Podcast: How God Transforms Us, Part 1


Pastor Dave Ripper shares the nature and impact of the spiritual disciplines through the works of Dallas Willard. We believe God's heart is to renew us through the spiritual disciplines - not to force us to strive after standards we can't reach alone. 


Listen here

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Podcast: How God Transforms Us, Part 2


Pastor Dave Ripper discusses how we can practically apply the spiritual disciplines. Pastor Dave also shares a comprehensive list of his recommended books by Dallas Willard, all exploring the role of disciplines in the life of a Christian.


Listen here

Podcast: Creating A Disciple Making Culture


Dr. Greg Ogden shares how we can move past this culture of passive faith and begin intentionally creating disciples who make more disciples, taking churches filled with people who depend on their pastor to be fed, acting “Christian” without truly following Christ, into full, sincere discipleship.


Listen here

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Podcast: Transformative Bible Meditation and Memorization


Rev. Dr. Rex Keener shares how scripture memorization and meditation has impacted his personal faith journey, along with tips to sustainably incorporate scripture memorization into your daily rhythms.




Listen here

Episodes premiere Sundays at 2pm on LCR and Monday on FB!


Episodes are also available on: 

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So They See Your Good Works and Glorify God (Matt. 5:16)

Hungry Children Fed By Cape Kid Meals


This school lunch program for impoverished children serves 33 schools on the Cape (70% of their public schools). THRIVE Cape Cod, a conference designed to gather local Christians together to help their churches and communities, helped Christians and churches get involved.



Read more here


Register for THRIVE here

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Satisfying Spiritual and Physical Hunger


Pastor John Dischinger - recently retired from Walnut Hill Community Church in Bethel, CT - wrote an article on His understanding of God's mandatory call to feed the hungry. This call extends to the hungry abroad, the hungry in our own backyards, to the spiritually hungry, whose needs can be met with a simple, kind word.




Read more here


Then They Will Know God Sent His Son (John 17:21)

Pastors Manifest Unity ... Which Is Evangelistic


Walnut Hill Community Church gathered 11 pastors for another Litchfield County church leadership meeting, all from a variety of backgrounds and denominations to pray for, encourage, and support each other! When we manifest united relationship, it's evangelistic (John 17:21-23)!



Learn more here

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Making Disciples in Worship and Worship Teams


Vision New England just brought together worship leaders from a variety of traditions and locations across New England, in part to pray for and support one another, but also to discuss how they disciple their worship teams and how to form disciples as part of a Sunday worship experience.



Email Ashley to learn more



Gordon-Conwell: For the End of Time Messiaen Quartet Concert & Lecture

February 27, South Hamilton, MA



Gordon-Conwell Preaching Symposium: Resilience with Dr. Crawford Loritts

February 28, Online and In-Person



Fostering Hope: Volunteer Trauma Wise Seminar

February 28, Wilmington, MA



Crosspoint Health & Wellness: Purpose Posse Class

March 1, Online Coaching



Women in Christian Leadership Forum: Freedom to Be Across Generations

March 3, Online Forum



TBRI Caregiver Training: Trauma-Informed Parenting

March 11, Online Training



TBRI Caregiver Training for Pre-Adoptive or Adoptive Families with MARE

March 11, Online Training




March 11-12, East Falmouth, MA



Colton Dixon: Build a Boat Tour

March 12, North Attleborough, MA



A Greater Purpose Workshop: An Event for Christian Business Owners

March 23, Wakefield, MA



Connect Experience 2023: A Unique Men's Growth Experience

March 25, In Person and Online



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VNE is an association of 1,000+ ministries who want to see New England transformed with the love of Jesus. We build, support, and equip networks and ministries that make disciples, do justice, and foster unity to share Jesus.


P.O. Box 657

Stratham, NH 03885

(617) 229-6225

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