New Book: One-Minute Devotions On Prayer

Let God’s presence refresh you through one-minute devotions on prayer.

This book offers 50 devotions with a Bible verse and prayer, all meant to be read in one minute.

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“Jesus instructs us to keep prayer simple. But how easy it is to complicate! We worry about placing the “right” words in the “right” places and saying holy statements that sound good. But Jesus is more interested in you!

“Did you ever notice that the better you get to know someone, the simpler the conversation gets? Jesus says it’s the pagans-those who don’t know Jesus-who babble on. But the ones who know him-those he calls family-have no need for complexity.”


“Have you ever wanted to have a better prayer life, but felt you just weren’t ‘spiritual’ enough If so, read this book”
-Ted Hahs, chief intercessor, Harvest Evangelism, Inc.

“Chris Heinz’s book on prayer is like drinking a power drink for the first time. It will energize you to pray and build momentum in your prayer life”
-Jorn Junod, founder, The Mercy Tree

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  • When I'm not sure if writing books is making much of a difference, I get emails like this and am reminded that partnering with God always bears fruit:

    "I've been enjoying the "One-Minute Devotional" with God and my wife every night since I received it a few days ago. It has been an encouragement to dig a little deeper because each passage wets the taste buds of my faith in Jesus Christ." (Jeff)

    "As I met with a lady in counseling, she felt stuck in feeling close to God and desperately wanted to feel the closeness she once had with him. I recommended "Made To Pray" and she downloaded onto her phone. I feel certain your book and the Holy Spirit will lead her back into this close relationship with him as a prayer warrior and worshipper." (Sheri)

    There are two days left to guarantee shipping of "One-Minute Devotions On Prayer" or "Made To Pray" before Christmas at

    Here are some questions:

    - Can I ship it to someone else as a gift?
     Yes! In the checkout, you can leave a note to let us know it's a gift - we'll even gift wrap it for you. And we'll remove the receipt so they don't know the cost.

    - When can I order the book for local pickup?
    The online store for pickup is open Monday - Friday from 8 AM - 5 PM, so order between those times. You can pick up your order through 12:00 PM on Dec 24.

    Order today at

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