National PrayerWalk Day for Apartments



We are inviting churches to mobilize teams of two’s and three’s to prayerwalk apartments near where their members live, work or worship on Saturday, November 4.


It is our prayer that a prayerwalk day will raise awareness that every apartment complex is a mission field! However, mission fields have to be saturated with prayer before the harvest.  


A day set aside to prayerwalk is a strategic, compassionate opportunity to push back against spiritual darkness that exists in apartments. We desire for apartment communities to be flooded with prayer teams to cover as many apartments in the US as possible with His power, protection and conviction. We also pray that God’s people will pray and obey to hear what God is already doing so they can join Him in His plan to transform apartments by making and multiplying disciplemakers.


Join Us~

  • Date: Saturday, Nov 4
  • Time: Anytime
  • Where: Any apartment community near where you live, work or worship
  • What:

1) take the lead and cast vision to you church’s small group

2) invite your small group to choose an apartment to begin praying for before Nov 4,

3) decide on a time for folks to meet at the apartment,

4) meet there and prayerwalk in groups of twos.

5) review the prayerwalk leader guide in case you’ve never done a prayerwalk before

6) follow up by filling out a quick survey

7) ask the Lord what your next steps are and obey!


Need for some help? Call, text or email…. 

Gary B. Jennings

Executive Director, CityLife




√CLICK here for our interview with Gary Jennings: CityLife: Incarnational Prayer, Discipleship, Evangelism

√Click here for prayerwalking content (skip to page two) and resources (videos and photos)





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