In this Barna Highlight, we’re sharing another bite-sized finding you can use to become a more informed leader.

It’s common for churches to emphasize discipleship among teenagers and young adults—and rightfully so. But if you believe discipleship is a lifelong journey, it’s important to keep emphasizing it for older Christians as well.

The percentage of Christians who are not engaged in discipleship is significantly higher among older generations:
  • Gen Z, 23%
  • Millennials, 23%
  • Gen X, 41%
  • Boomers, 53%
This finding comes from Growing Together: A Three-Part Guide for Following Jesus and Bringing Friends on the Journey, created with The Navigators.

If you’re ready to discover how God can use discipleship to nurture a resilient faith in you and the people you love, we encourage you to read the full book.
We hope this Barna Highlight will help you lead more intentionally in your context. 
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