Year of Prayer 2021
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

In Revelation chapter 7, John sees an immense multitude "from every nation, tribe, ethnic group, and language" gathered worshipping before the throne of God. 

Never before in human history has the global church been able to approximate this kind of worship experience.  Barriers of geography, language, culture, and access have conspired to make it impossible.  However, now using video call technology, it's possible for us to gather together before the throne in prayer from all around the world at the same time, joined together in a virtual space as the global family of God!

What is the Global Family 24/7 Online Prayer Room?

On January 1, 2021 we are launching an online 24/7 prayer room. We’ll be using Zoom video conference technology as the platform and joining together with believers around the world to pray in a common Zoom Room.  This “Global Family” 24/7 prayer project is a collaboration of many ministries in the global body of Christ under the banner of the International Prayer Council.  Prayer Leaders will be recruited from all six continents and prayer hours will be hosted in many languages.

How Does it Work?

There are 168 hours in a week.  We are asking 168 Prayer Leaders will make a weekly commitment to host the same hour each week (E.g. Monday, 2pm, Thursday, 5am) for the entire year of 2021. These prayer leaders will be the heart and soul of this continual, global cry of prayer in many languages, from many nations. 

Calling all Prayer Leaders: Lead a Weekly Prayer Hour!

 We are asking for prayer leaders to make a weekly commitment to the same 1 hour each week for the year 2021.  Prayer leaders will:

·       Bring together a group to pray online in our shared Zoom Prayer Room during that hour (E.g. 6pm every Friday)

·       Have 2-3 other members within your team who can lead (so that everyone can miss a week now and then)

·       Provide a “Zoom Host” who we will train to manage the technology associated with the call.

·       Arrive in the Zoom Room at least 5 minutes early to your weekly prayer time to facilitate a smooth transition from hour to hour.

·       Provide leadership during their prayer hour and stay in communication with the Global Family prayer room team throughout 2021.

 How Do I apply to be a Weekly Prayer Leader?

 View the Weekly Prayer Schedule

·       Step 1: Find an open slot in the Weekly Prayer Schedule.  You can view the Weekly Prayer Schedule here.  Keep in mind these times are in Jerusalem time (UTC+2), and you’ll need to convert to your local time zone.

·       Step 2: Email your name, phone number, and preferred prayer hour with time-zone to Maja Corlett and Melody Divine at

·       Step 3: Maja and Melody will be back in touch with you to confirm your time and/or to ask you more questions.

How do I join the Global Family Prayer Room?

You are welcome to join the prayer room at any time, whether your group is leading an hour or not.  To receive login information for the Zoom, please Register here.  You'll receive a follow-up email with information on how to join the prayer call. 

Note: All participants and prayer leaders will need to Register to receive the Zoom information.

How does this connect to 10 Days?

For the past several years, we have modeled 24/7 Zoom prayer expressions during 10 Days.  These incredible times have served as a grounding for this 24/7/365 expression.  This project is being managed under the umbrella of International Prayer Connect, along with support and help from several partner organizations including Ethne Prayer10 DaysAqueduct ProjectSeed CompanyFPS and many more.

How Can I find out More?

Please visit our website at:

View this invitation from Global Family co-founder Jason Hubbard.

We hope that you'll prayerfully consider leading one of these hours each week in 2021. 

Truly, the Lamb who was slain is worthy of united worship and prayer from every tribe, every nation, every people, and every language!

Jonathan Friz 

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