I've heard from friends who have enjoyed praying Seek God for the City this year, asking when we'll publish more. I am already crafting more prayers to be published in the future. But to help people form their own best prayers right now—or anytime—I created Fresh Prayer. Check the latest issue of FreshPrayer, posted on the WayMakers website (http://waymakers.org/pray/freshprayer/) as a no-cost, downloadable pdf. Every issue of FreshPrayer contains specific ideas to guide robust, insightful praying for people near to you that are still far from God. The latest issue comes from 1 Thessalonians 5, “For God to fulfill His call.”
Here’s the story of how this particular issue came about:
One of the key leaders of my church once asked me to pray for his son, who had gotten into some kind of trouble. Instead of doing the praying myself, I urged him to say a few words of prayer and then I would echo his prayer. He looked blankly at me, mumbling something about not knowing what to pray. “Well,” I asked him, “what has God been doing already? What scripture can we pray?” His father-heart was anguished, but he still had no idea what could be prayed. Right then I mentioned a short line of scripture: “Faithful is He who calls you, who will bring it to pass.” I quoted that verse and urged him to pray with that truth. Wow. You should have heard him pray. Suddenly he was praying with articulate passion and hope about the calling God had placed on his son’s life.
This issue of FreshPrayer can help you, and others you know, to pray for others with refreshed clarity from the Bible. Each issue comes with a page of creative ideas to stimulate and guide others to pray. It’s all part of how we’re trying to help ordinary people pray with persistence and confidence. Sign up for FreshPrayer updates.
Yours in hope,
Steve Hawthorne
Director, WayMakers

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