“Casting Crowns.”  I associate that term with Christianity, unimportantly, for several reasons.

My family has experienced Christian leaders casting millstones.


In His service,



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Russ has responded with [THUMBS UP EMOJI] to some of the Evanlogical sharing on my Facebook page.

This is the message I sent him this morning through Facebook.



Do you ever get the feeling that Grandpa Raab and Mom were not atheists?

Grandpa was beaten in religion class.

Mom was beaten by Grandma who was Catholic, but only religiously so.

I remember finding Dad's Army Bible in some remotely stored container. My guess is that Mom asked him to put it away.

So why did it seem Grandpa never talked about God?

Why did Mom often say she did not believe in God?

Why were we raised with Christian morals and values?

God never beat Grandpa.

God never beat mom.


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