A little more than a year ago, I wrote a book called, "I Want to Know More of Christ: A Daily Devotional on His Matchless Names."   It consists of 365 names and attributes of the Lord Jesus Christ, from Scripture passages throughout the whole Bible, and prayers that welled up within me as I meditated on each of those names.  What a joy it has been for me to experience more of the vastness of Christ each day!
About 25 years ago, a woman gave me a notecard with a Scripture passage on it.  She said I needed that verse.  She was right on!  It is Philippians 3:10a from the Amplified Bible: "For my determined purpose is that I may know Him; that I may progressively become more deeply and intimately acquainted with Him, perceiving and recognizing and understanding the wonders of His Person more strongly and more clearly."  I'm praying that "I Want to Know More of Christ" will help all of its readers to do just that--progressively know the wonders of the Person of Jesus through His names.
"I Want to Know More of Christ" is available as a printed book, or in eBook format.  Any individual, couple, family, small group, ministry or whole congregation can grow in Christ through the book's singular focus on Him.  Even if you have been through the book during 2013, I wholeheartedly suggest you go through it again in 2014.  The Holy Spirit can reveal so much more about God's Son to each of us!  And, I urge you to invite others to go through the names with you.  You might want to purchase books for some people, and forward this information to others to purchase a copy for themselves.   
The "I Want to Know More of Christ" website is, http://knowingmoreofchrist.com/ .  There, you can: (1) Receive a FREE Download of the First Month of the Devotions (to check it out), OR (2) Download an eBook for $3.99 by clicking on the Amazon, iTunes, or Barnes & Noble buttons, OR (3) Go to the "Buy" section and purchase copies of the print book.  You can also purchase copies of the print book directly through me, and save on postage and shipping. 
I'm praying that in 2014 the Spirit will make His whole Church famished for more of Christ!
Steve Hall
206-595-5109 (cell number)
P.S. If you have a website, Facebook, LinkedIn or other communication source, please consider posting the link to the book's website in those sources.

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