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Make Jesus Known - Multiply the Church - Serve the City

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Kingdom Partnerships

In parnership, we're trusting God to:

  1. See the gospel shared and demonstrated to 160 million people in the US

  2. Establish 160,000 churches/faith communities – giving every unreached person access to one vital church

  3. Mobilize 1M leaders

Recently we facilitated a gathering with friends and partners to share our mutual burdens and hopes for Gen Zers, to discover each other’s ideas, networking partnerships and resources, and to explore next generation leadership bridge pilot ideas.

What a joy to dream and plan together strategies to help unleash the missional power of the next generation! We long together to make the church-planting narrative beautiful and empowering for emerging leaders, imagining missional community formation and disciple-making that satisfies the "belonging" heartbeat GenZ. 
"Thank you for hosting us. Thank you for speaking life into us. Thanks for believing in us. Thank you for being leaders who desire to collaborate and build the kingdom. Together."
One partner who shares our heart for evangelism and leadership development is Exponential*.

With those priorities (evangelism and leadership development) in mind, we're eagerly partnering in several ways, including three blogs that Exponential recently published on their website. These blogs complement this year's conference theme, "Lost Cause: Reviving Evangelism" and lend encouragement and insight to us all! You can read them here...

Lessons in Ministry: Waiting and Failing - Ministry Lessons from Experienced Evangelists by Dave Robinson

Evangelism Isn't a Lost Cause: The Bright Light of the Gospel Shines in Dark Places by Dave Robinson and Gabor Gresz

Evangelism in the Power of the Holy Spirit: Step Out of Your Comfort Zone for Increased Impact by Dave Robinson and Gabor Gresz

If you'll also be attending the Exponential Conference in March, we invite you to join us for coffee and a partnering conversation!

*NXTGEN2DAY Orlando is a young adult movement of Exponential and Leadership Network. It is also an exclusive Next Gen event that focuses on the future of the church. This event is a Jesus-focused gathering of 500 young adults from all over the United States and beyond. It will be packed with next-generation speakers, worship leaders, creatives, and more. 


Table Talk

Joining Church Movements staff

Sent 6:7 and Coaching Circles



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A special FREE resource for you from CM and our partners at Exponential
Download the FREE Visual Guide and get to know the “Seven Personas” around you and see the world through their eyes. If we respect that everyone has their own beliefs, then we will always have a place to start with the truth of the gospel!
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Cru Church Movements | USA 



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