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The Bible describes the Church in many ways-- a body, a family, a temple, a bride ... so it's no wonder that there are many expressions of church today. From megachurch to house church, believers are representing the character and mission of Jesus in contextualized ways. Church Movements partners with local churches and denominational partners to help create a consistent culture of normalizing evangelism and multiplying disciple-making.

Culture is influenced by the words we use, the stories we tell, and the things we measure. It's the reason we like to call everyday believers CoJourners (people who join others on their spiritual journey) and tell stories about changed lives!

Culture is something you experience in real human relationships, not something you crank up from a process.  Let’s be clear about that. But if leaders live out their heart for Jesus in obedience, while making sure the Great Commandments fuel all we do, a process can lead to lasting change! 

Last month, a group walking through the SENT 6:7 process in Atlanta gathered for Step 2, a Check In for celebration and accountability. Everyone shared the stories of how they are applying the CoJourner principles they have been learning together.

One participant has 4,000 followers on TikTok, many from a Muslim or non-religious background, with whom he regularly shares the gospel. He is planting a digital church with new believers, including two who came to Christ in the past two weeks!

Another leader shares the gospel often in his workplace. Recently he had significant conversations using the Gospel on a Napkin. Two colleagues have placed their faith in Christ, and he is going through follow-up with them. He mentioned that their "whole countenance has changed" since receiving Christ.

Stepping from program-based church into a missional lifestyle
Pray with us for:

1. SENT 6:7 disciple-making pathway: Please pray for the follow-up and follow-through of the 100s across the nation that we are training right now. Many are taking steps of faith to live a Prayer-Care-Share lifestyle in their relational networks. Pray for God to set up divine opportunities for gospel conversations! Peer Coaching Circles are being created with missional leaders. Pray for wisdom and bold moves as these leaders mobilize others!

2. National Leadership Team retreat in August. We will meet together with our Advisory Board. Please pray for great wisdom as we spend time with the Lord in startegic planning for the mission, activities, partnership health, resources and staff of Church Movements nationwide.


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