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Asbury - Could It Be A Sign of Something Bigger?

In the early 1900s, Asbury had an awakening - in the season of the Wales Revival and the Azusa outpouring.
Then, in 1970, the stirring came in the season of the Jesus Movement revival - and by the way, that movie is being released this week.
And then the charismatic renewal touched 700 million around the world.
Could this be a sign - I think God is making known His intentions. Let's join Him on mission. There outpouring that all of us have witnessed started with a chapel service where only 15 lingered to pray - 15! Revivals start with small, determined, groups of people. It doesn't require a majority - but a core of prayer pioneers who press into God and see incredible results.



  • The "Quote/Unquote" Interview

    A Conversation with Doug Small

    Author of "The New Apostolic Epoch: God's Determination to Have a Praying and Missional People

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