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I have lived in 19 different homes or apartments in 14 different towns/cities (across 4 states) in my lifetime (not counting a different dorm room each year of college).

I do not like moving!!

On top of that, twice in the last decade I have overseen our company moving to new offices. That was a chore, since as a publishing ministry, we have had more than 750 -1,000 cases of inventory! (Think heavy books!)

Come January, we will have to move our company's office again! Ugh, ugh and oh my aching muscles!

Did I say, I do not like moving?

Because of my hatred of moving, you are going to benefit! Over the next couple of months we will put a few of our titles on an inventory reduction sale. Every book I sell is one less book to move!

First Product on Sale: Prayers For First Responders prayer guide. Sold in packs of 50. Regular Price: $11.99 per pack. Now: $5.99 per pack (50% off). Buy 5 or more at $4.99 each! Put a copy in the hands of everyone in your congregation and pray for the first responders in your community!

See the guide's content below.

Also, remember our tremendous celebration sale to honor Prayer Connect magazine's 50th issue. To celebrate, we are offering all available back issues at 50% off! There are 47 different topics available to help you learn to pray better in a certain area. You must use code PC50 at checkout to save! Click Here to View All 47 Topics Available.

Finally remember 2 highly targeted to what is happing in our nation today prayer guides that have deep discounts for multiple copies purchased: Reclaim a Generation: 21 Days of Prayer for Schools and Praying for an Election, to pray for our upcoming midterm elections. See more information on both below. Engage your entire church in prayer.

I am glad we can offer these specials to you. And here's to my next move being to glory!




Prayers for First Responders

When tragedy strikes, we all look for help.

We believe the vast majority of the U.S. population appreciates and honors those trained to provide crisis-situation help—protection, medical care, or rescue. Yet we also witness our authorities under attack. Growing misunderstandings and distrust can severely affect our first responders. In a day of global unrest and terrorism it is important that we pray for our police, fire, and medical response teams. . . .


Pray for a Local School and Students in Your Community

Learning to intercede for others is something we are all called to do by Scripture. Our children and schools today are danger zones both from physical attack and from attacks for the minds of our kids.

The schools in your community need prayer! Why not join other believers and churches this Fall who are praying for schools.

NOTE: Don't delay to order copies of Reclaim a Generation. We currently have sold more than 60% of available inventory. If we sell out there will be a significant delay to get more copies printed.


Get Your People Praying for the Mid-term Elections!

Our nation needs godly legislators at all levels of government. There is an extremely important election coming up that can shift the direction of our nation.

Why not begin praying now for this important election using the guide Praying for an Election by Dave Butts, chairman of National Day of Prayer.

Multiple Copy Discounts available making this product as low as .99 each depending on quantities purchased.

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