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Greetings Phil,
We have to live in a bubble if you are not aware of the deep divisions we have in the Church and in our nation today.
A year ago, when we were working on compiling and editing our book Make Us One: A 31-Day Prayer Journey toward Racial Healing, an individual close to the project said she feared it would not be well received by white churches because they likely will either not think there is a problem or they will be too fearful of making some people angry in their congregation so they will not "go there."
She was right. While Make Us One has sold to individuals, very few churches have embraced praying through it. When we publish a new prayer initiative, we usually sell 25, 50, 100 or more copies to hundreds of churches that pray through them. Make Us One was sold to 2 churches that we know of!
I recently shared this fact with the contributors to the book, and one commented "My heart aches far more for the condition of the Church in our nation, that has created such a UNreceptive environment to the focus of this excellent book." Another said "This is again an example of how we must be aware of how sadly our churches of white evangelicals are blind or intentionally refuse to address this issue of racism and shows how much prayer is needed to break the trenches of evil."
Prayer can change hearts! Imagine what would happen if our deeply divided nation--politically, socially, racially--saw unity among followers of Jesus (the Church)? Make Us One can be a catalyst to move your church and congregation in the right direction!
Please check out Pastor Ken Crow's video below about why his church is praying through Make Us One. Then consider getting a copy or copies. It is an additional $1.00 off through September.
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Jonathan Graf
President, Church Prayer Leaders Network

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  • From a colleague…

    Glad Jonathan Graf wrote that (and glad you posted it), but we shouldn't be surprised that our pretty-much-all-white-suburban "prayer warriors" aren't readily receptive to the message that it's just possible that injustice exists in the camp (!!!). I love the Nehemiah model... prayed for 4 mos... went to the king with a plan... personally led the mission... even working through the night to assess the situation... and then execute the plan to build the wall, clan by clan, neighborhood by neighborhood, two-by-two buddy teams. "We prayed to our God and posted a guard" -- ie, prayer and action. And only stopped progress for one particular occasion: To call out injustice in the camp.

    Thanks Phil for helping us slowly but surely see our own blindspots... and call 'em out... so the mission can move forward to a miraculous outcome.

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