A Prayer for Ukraine

by Phil Miglioratti
@ The Reimagine.Network
W​hille on a prayer walk, ​I was prompted to ask ​the Holy Spirit for three prayer outcomes in Ukraine. Not wishes but the faithful prayers of ​G​od's people.
The first that came to mind is ​for​ protec​t​​ion ​of ​all the men and women of God who serve as pastors, priests​, ministers; for their ​safety and health… So that… God could work in and through them to present the ​Gospel in a way that ​births a movement of peopl​e​ into a faith​-hope--love relationship with Jesus Christ.
Secondly, that God would raise up unprecedented prayer​ across the globe​not just for Ukraine​, but ​across​ Ukraine. Children​-Youth​-Adults​ voicing prayers ​that pierce through the clutter of ritual ​or mindless repetition into the heart of God and mind of Christ​. Prayers that become reality by the filling and ​em​powering of the Spirit. ​Prayers that repel their invaders and plant seeds for many generations of nation building and blessing.
Thirdly​,​ that Ukraine would become a giving​ nation. Sharing and sending​, expressing and exporting, the peace and joy of the Gospel of Jesus...so that the enemy, both human and spiritual, regrets the​ invasion and destruction they perpetrated​ upon a peaceful people.​Prayers that result in ​not only the end of the war but also ​in ​the rebuilding and restoration of the nation to such a ​level that it becomes​ a light to the world for courage, determination, and righteousness.
​Even if the Russians defeat Ukraine, the people of Ukraine will still be heroes for the​ir​ resistance and resolve. But I think the Lord wants us to pray for the ​Ukraine people to dispel their enemy​A v​ictory ​of​ right over wrong, truth vanquish​ing​ false truth, good defeat​ing​ evil, righteousness overcoming dictorial power,. For Ukraine to be restored by God‘s glory to such a levelth​at their heroic fight ​inspires righteous resistance across Russia; ​people declar​ing​ the liberty and justice of the gospel of Jesus Christ​ for all​

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