Sharing Evanlogicalism:  Easing Guilt.

 What goes around, comes around.

 Every spring and winter, in its journey around our sun, the planet earth comes to a point of equal day and night.  In the northern hemisphere, the vernal equinox happens on or around June 21st.  On or around December 21st, it is the autumnal equinox for the “northerners:”  the start of winter.

 Long ago, the winter equinox was actually celebrated as the winter solstice.  Celebrated because sun light increased daily thereafter until June 21st.  It was a time of partying, feasting, drinking, etc.

 Then along came church.  For various reasons, church leaders decided to celebrate the birth of Christ around the time of  the solstice revelry.  Had I been a man of faith at that time, the pangs of guilt would have been planted.

 As time moved on, items outside of Christianity were added to Christmas.  The advent of Christmas trees would only have cultivated my guilt.

 Christmas was celebrated or, by some, not, during the ensuing centuries.  American capitalism added gift giving to Christmas in the 1800s.  This expanded during the 1900s.  By mid-century, the celebration was renamed “X-mas.” (Oh, the guilt!)  By the end of the 20th century, “Holiday Shopping Season” had “gone viral.”

 The celebration of the winter solstice returned stronger than before.  What went around, came around!

Overshadowed, Christianity waned.  So did general Christian guilt.  But there are still those Christians whose guilt drives lamentations over the Commemoration of Christ’s arrival on earth.  It is that guilt that must be eased.

That can be done with one change.  And that change has the added benefit of not cluttering “Holiday Shopping Season” with the Presence of God.  Give no thought to HIM at all. 

Christian leaders know that the most likely season of Christ’s Birth is in the early spring or early fall.  Spring already has the Commemoration of Christ’s Resurrection. 

It makes Evanlogical sense to Commemorate Christ’s arrival on the first Sunday in October; Worldwide Communion Day .

Christian leaders, relieve the guilt for those with eyes, ears and hearts for the Lord.  What better Christmas Gift could there be.



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