Why We Must Reimagine Church

#ItSeemsToMe...We Must Reimagine Church


The Church; the Body of Christ has critical blind spots:

   -resistance to finding ways to express the unity all Christ-serving congregations…we override the call for unity to preserve our theological brand

   -fear of change based on prioritizing and preserving our comforting traditions, customs, worship-styles

   -in a sincere attempt to relate to an increasingly secular world, we have adopted business models and adapted entertainment techniques, resulting in a corporate leadership structure that produces CEO style leaders

   -we extend our belief of scriptural inerrancy to our interpretations and applications, causing us to consider our views on politics as equally inerrant 

   -we have forgotten that sins are the result of a diseased soul…Sin is an ungodly worship of self, the desire to be independent of God, and the pursuit and prioritization of need to the point of addiction. We are saved from the sting of sin but need the filling of Holy Spirit to battle the symptoms of sin.





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  • Sad, but well said, Phil.  A friend convinced me to write in parable form so just wrapped up a 5 part series about a hypothetical church planter tracing his prgression from high ideals to the depths you outlined above.  Now launching into another 5 part parable (first post published today) about how churches should deal more proactively and compassionately with the materially poor, starting with single moms. 

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