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  • Prayer Assist is working nationally to partner with pastors and prayer leaders to engage men in prayer.


    Since men follow men, the strategy is focused on equipping men's praying leaders and creating a discipleship process to raise up men's praying leaders.


    Ladies:  Please forward this e-mail to pastors and men with a passion to raise up praying men.



    1. There are men in our churches and communities who we want to engage in prayer. 

    Can we work with these men to accelerate prayer in their churches and cities?

    1. In order to have more praying men, we need more men’s prayer group leaders.  

    Can we find and equip them?


    Prayer Assist has identified the strategic purpose of raising up men’s praying leaders in order to accelerate the movement of prayer among men.


    Here is what could be shared in a 15 to 60 minute phone or zoom call:

    1.  An overview of the Training Men to Lead Prayer Groups session: (The full length training session is  attached)
    2. Why Train Men to Lead Prayer Groups? Opportunities and Obstacles
    3.     Opportunities: Within men is the DNA of revolutionary impact.   Training men to pray is a strategic kingdom priority. How can we increase the impact of men in church and community? Call them to prayer and spiritual activity!
    4.     Obstacles: Independence, Fear, Guilt, Shame, False views of prayer.
    5. Creating A Praying Culture, Learning from the Prayer Life of the Apostle Paul
    6.     God calls leaders to train, equip, and disciple people in prayer. 
    7.     Paul prayed for spiritual growth and maturity for God’s people. Paul asked for prayer for himself for his ministry.
    8. Calling Men to be Praying Leaders – Insights from the US Marines
    9.     God Calls Leaders First:  Has He or Is He Calling You to be a Leader of Men?
    10.     In order to be effective leaders of men, we need to understand the “Male Context” How do we create an environment where men thrive?

    At the end of this session, we could invite men to sign up for a 1 hour zoom session to learn more.


    Men who attend the 1-hour zoom could be invited to:

    1. Start men’s prayer groups using this methodology
    2. Be trained as a “Training Men to Lead Prayer Groups” facilitator.  Leaders trained in this methodology could use the methodology as they see fit.
    3. Invite a trained ‘Training Men to Lead Prayer Groups” leader to come to their church, business, city, etc.


    These are my partnership ideas. Please contact me to discuss - and/or if you want to move forward in any way.




    Thomas Bush, Director, Prayer Assist Ministries (, and Director, Community Impact ROI, (, ;  

    NEW E-mail:, Cell: (619) 742-8694, New Address: 4755 71st St, La Mesa, CA 91942  


    Prayer Assist consults with and equips pastors, leaders and faith-based organizations to produce more prayer-energized disciples and ministries.  

    "Prayer is responding to God's invitation to come into His presence" 

    Community Impact ROI:  Connecting Business, Non-Profit, Faith, and Government Leaders To Make Communities Better


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    November 18, 2023


    I need your help.  I am doing a presentation on the impact of fatherlessness on our culture.  I am looking for more resources and information.

    Do you have this information or know others who do?  I would appreciate your help in finding good resources and/or reference people for this presentation.  Thanks in advance for your help.

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