#ReimaginePRAYER...with One Word Prayers

When it is difficult or seems "impossible" to pray; to talk conversationally with God - -

  1. Ask the Holy Spirit for one word
  2. ...then say (out loud or silently) that word
  3. ...repeating it several times slowly, thinking of what it means as you recite that single word
  4. ...and repeat it whenever you are troubled or as often as it comes to mind.

The objective is not to give God more information (God knows your circumstances and your needs better than you do)

...but to let God attach truths to the termthe Spirit has given you to think about, to ponder.


  • a Name (Jesus; Spirit, Living Word), or 
  • a Descriptor of who God is  (Redeemer, Rescuer, Almighty), or
  • a Descriptor of what God does (Healer, Wonderful Counselor, Compassionate...) or
  • a Description of what God intends for you to receive and live-out (Forgiveness, Conviction of SIn, Freedom from Condemnation, Maturity in Christ, Filling of the Spirit)


  • Employ the disciplinhe of Quiet Listening.
  • Give yourself time. 
  • Breathe intentionally and slowly.
  • Listen to the thoughts that come to you as a repeat the term/word.
  • Then attach them to the word/name you used to prompt the prayer.
    • Say them.
    • Journal them. 
    • Review a previous "one word" prayer you have journaled.
    • Repeat throughout the day...Many more times than you feel necessary
    • The repition is not because God is forgetful; it is a way to plant good seed deep into the spiritual soil of your mind (thoughts) and heart (emotional responses)
This take a discipline our on-the-go prayers do not devleop in our prayer life
  • Make time.
  • Practice quiet listening. 
  • Express trust that God knows all the things you are not saying with a simple one word prayer​.
  • Decalre hope that as you submit your mind/thinking, the Word of the Lord will come to you to reveal truths about yourself and the circumstances you are facing.
"Be still (cease striving)...and know."
        “Surrender your anxiety! Be silent and stop your striving and you will see that I am God”. Surrender your anxiety. We are called to surrender our anxiety and just be still before the Lord so that we may learn and see who He really is." Psalm 46:10
Phil Miglioratti
The Reimagine.Network

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  • Phil, just found this again.

    Thank you.

    It is life changing. 

    • I am encouraged!

      Please ask the Lord for many others to discover the leading and empowering of the Holy Spirit as they find this post,


  • Heavenly Father,

    You are our Father. Fathers speak to their children. Thank You that You want to speak to us, to teach and guide us. 

    Please use these posts to bring people closer to You and to understand what You are saying to them. 

    Bring clarity of mind and peace of heart, please.

    Give discernment from Your Spirit so we know it is really from You and not our own thoughts and feelings that speak.

    Please give confirmation from Your Word when we doubt.

    When You put Your finger on something we don't like, please make us willing to be obedient to You.

    All so that Your will be done in each one's life, according to the purposes You have for every one, for Your glory only.

    Help us to be still and know that You alone are God, our God.

    Thank You that You love us with perfect love.

    You are the perfect Father, always.

    Thank You in the Name of Jesus Christ, amen.

  • Phil…
    I think in Jan​uary​ you sent out this repeat ‘one word’ God gives you prayer. Repeat it slowly 5 times and see how The Father opens your prayers to sentences of intercession​ ... ​it has been a refreshing journey for a few months.
    God Bless!
    T​ony​ Danhelka, Citywide Prayer Champion
    ​P.S. ​ Today's ‘Prayer Word’ is [Listen]
    #ReimaginePRAYER...with One Word Prayers
    #ReimaginePRAYER...with One Word Prayers When it is difficult or seems "impossible" to pray; to talk conversationally with God - - Ask the Holy Spir…
    • Update from Tony Danhelka -

      One Word daily Prayer Primers

      ‘2022 NLT
      “Jesus, what one word do you give me today, so that I could slowly repeat it from time to time throughout the day as a primer for prayer? Love You! tony”
      4/15 Walk Gen 5:23/ 2 Cor 6:16
      4/16 Dominated Jud 15:20/ Rms 7:24… 8:5
      4/17 Resurrection Ex 3:6/ Mt 22:31-32, 28:6
      4/18 Prophesy Joel 2:28/ I Cor 16:4
      4/19 Appropriate Nu 2:18/ I Cor 16:4
      4/20 Consecrate Ex 19:9-11/ Heb 12:18-24
      4/21 Restore 2 Chr 7:14/ 1 Pt 5:10
      4/22 Appeal 2 Kgs 8:5 / 2 Cor 5:20
      4/23 Lord Ex 6:10/ Ezk 21:8/ Rev 19:6
      4/24 Prayer Zech 12:10/ Acts 4:31
      4/25 Son Is 9:6/ Mt 1:23
      4/26 Turn Joshua 24:23/ Mt 4:17
      4/27 Honor Gen 49:10/ Acts 2:33
      4/28 Belong  DT 10:14/ Acts 18:10
      4/29 Father Mal 4:6/ Mt 6:9
      4/30 Son Ezk 43:7/ Mt 16:16
      5/1 Spirit Gen 1:2/Acts 1:8
      5/2 Redemption Ps 130:7/ Hebs 9:12
      5/3 Patient Pro 16:32/ Ephs 4:2
      5/4 Adopt Ex 2:10/ Ephs 1:5
      5/5 Surround Ps 119:77/ Heb 12:1
      5/6 Life Gen2:7/ Jn 14:6
      5/7 Everlasting Dan 12:2/ Gal 6:8
      5/8 Wife Pro 31:10-31/ IPt 3:7
      5/9 Prophetic Ezekiel 37:4&9/ 1 Tim 1:18
      5/10 Devote Hosea 3:5/ Col 4:2
      5/11 Glorify Job 36:24/ Ephs 1:14
      5/12 Together Esther 4:16/ Acts 4:24
      5/13 Suddenly Josh 6:20/ John 20:19
      5/14 Give Dt 15:10-11/ James 2:14-19
      5/15 Hope Ps 31:24/ Mt 12:21
      5/16 Valuable Ps 119:72/ Lk 12:6-7
      5/17 Ransomed Is 47:1/ Rev 5:9
      5/18 Mercy Ps 4:1/ 1 Pt 2:1
      5/19 Anointed Is61:1/ Acts 10:38
      5/20 Praise Dt 10:21/ James 5:17
      5/21 Free Mal 4:2/ Jn 8:32-36
      5/22 Eager Ex 35:39/ 1Pt 5:2
      5/23 Finish Zech 8:9/ Rom 1:17
      5/24 Authority Dan 7:14/ Lk 10:19
      5/25 Revelation Jer 14:14/ I Cor 14:6
      5/26 Strength Ex 15:2/ Lk 10:27
      5/27 Personally Ex 33:13-14/ I Pt 2:24
      5/28 Word Dt 8:3/ James 1:22-23
      5/29 Quietly Ps 62:1-5/ Acts 15:12
      5/30 Friends Pr 17:9/ Rms 5:10-11
      • Thank you! I've been wanting to do this for a long time.

        Speak, Lord Jesus, please! Give us hearing hearts and minds and good focus... 

        I think I've just heard You say, the word is "Thanks".

        We thank You God!

        THANK YOU!

        THANK YOU!

        THANK YOU!

        • Pray with us that this simple approach will empower many stalled pray-ers to be filled afresh!


          The Reimagine.Network

          • Lord, there are many times that we really don't know what to pray. Your ways are difficult for us to understand most of the time.

            But You can speak one word and change everything with that one word.

            Please speak to each one of us that individual word and help us to understand clearly.

            Help us to know for sure that we heard You correctly.

            Help us to hold onto Your word and not lose it again in the midst of daily tasks and the bombardment of the world's useless or hostile or toxic words.

            Let Your Holy Spirit bear fruit in us and through us, for Your joy and glory and Kingdom.

            Please Heavenly Father.

            Thank You Lord Jesus Christ, amen.

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