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Are You a #Reimagineer?

Reassess Your Ministry Roles Before You Start The Journey


Are You Ready/Needing to Reformat? Reboot? Reset?

What my Smartphone Revealed to Me About Church Renewal


CHURCH is the answer...But What's The Question?

I Asked Thought-Leaders for Their 1-Question that Starts Rethinking


Why Questions?

A Template to Move from What? to So What? to Now What?


Why "Reimagine"?

Do the Right Thing, for the Right Reason ~ This is the Right Time


31 "Re" Words

These Word-Prompts Help Us Reimagine


Thought-Leader Inteviews

Their "1-Question" + Bonus Content


Booster Corps

Click. Give. Pray...and hope for a movement of refreshed-renewed-revived congregations




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  • Phil Miglioratti

    #ItSeemsToMe … there is a difference between creative-thinking and critical-thinking.


    Creative-thinking involves rearranging, reimagining, reinventing.


    Critical thinking is a rethinking of the pre-suppositions that have produced the original interpretation, explanation, or application of a philosophy or an idea.


    Critical thinking asks a courageous question: “Is there a different perspective that may have equal or even greater accuracy/value to this particular issue?”



    critical thinking: exercising or involving careful judgment or judicious evaluation


    from criticke "at a turning point," borrowed from Greek kritikós, taken as derivative of krísis ;crisis

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