#ReimagineDISCIPLESHIP…as choosing Scripture over Culture

by Phil Miglioratti 

@ The Reimagine.Network 

The Biblical authors’ teaching constantly challenged their own cultures’ beliefs—they were not simply a product of ancient mores and practices…biblical teaching is the standard for every culture.

Authentic discipleship demands we apply biblical truth to culture. Truth changes culture. Culture does not dictate how we apply the Scriptures. Our preferences and lifestyles may not merely pick-and-choose which teachings we will obey.
Adopt the truths then adapt the culture.
And recognize how quick we are to reverse that precept. Never adopt culture then adapt doctrine to defend it.
Ask the Lord to reveal to you the ways does the Bible’s teachings critique and even discredit your dominant beliefs?
Ask the Spirit to help you receive the Bible’s teaching as the wise Word of God, even though our culture and our own inward feelings and sensibilities may resist it.
(My commentary is my own words based on a reading of Kathy and Tim Keller’s “The Meaning of Marriage”)

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